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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Roxie, The Future AKC Canine Good Citizen, Strikes Again

Roxie, the brindle Boston Terrier, is going to become a great Canine Good Citizen. How do I know? A. She's extremely smart and B. Her owner, called a handler, is determined and consistent, both words of utmost importance in dog training (that would be your first dog training tip).
Last week, Roxie practiced steps 1-3 and I posted about it, including some helpful and some not so helpful tips: Our Future AKC Canine Good Citizen.

This week, Roxie practiced steps 4-8 and I will break those up for you.

Test item #4: Walking on a loose lead
The class instructor set up a pre-plotted course using orange cones and signs, and the handler had to maneuver around them with Roxie relaxed and not yanking on the leash. This step is fairly easy. Roxie only needed to exhibit a bit of self restraint.
The pre-plotted course
The cones had directional arrows as well as one that said "stop" and one that said "about turn" 
Roxie did just fine.

Test item #5: Walking through a crowd
Roxie and her handler had to show they can walk around a crowd (minimum 3 people). Because Roxie gets around, she was rather good at this one.

(Sorry, no photo available. Somebody had to be the crowd)

Test item #6: Sit and Down on command and Stay in place
The handler normally decides which position the dog should be in (standing, sitting, or down). In our case, Roxie made the decision.

Test item #7: Coming when called
Problem. Roxie likes her treats but dog treats are NOT allowed during testing, so it's a good idea to practice without them. Add to that the fact that Ms. Roxie is too smart and she knows her handler is going home with her . . . In other words: handler = mommy = I get that at home too = boo-ring. 

Bored and hesitant Roxie

Fed up but obedient Roxie

Here, I need to interrupt briefly for some precious dog training tips for my furry friends:
Look adorable and starving, trust me

I told you to trust me! I bet now you do.

(back to our post)

Roxie, for unexplainable reasons (see last two photos) mastered this step.
Good girl, Roxie

Test item #8: Reaction to another dog, aka uh-oh
Roxie must demonstrate she'll behave in the presence of other dogs. Interesting challenge, especially since all Roxie's handler is allowed to do is use her voice. This is a tricky part of the test because Roxie and the handler have to actually stop, shake hands with the evaluator and the demo dog, exchange a few pleasantries and move apart. Let's see how Roxie did!

That's why this is called the "uh-oh" test item

One more try
Uh-oh! What do I see here?
Is that Frankie, the other AKC Canine Good Citizen? The brave chiweenie? 
It is indeed. She volunteered (not)

All jokes aside, Roxie did a marvelous job and as I already said, I know she'll make an excellent canine good citizen in a few weeks. Meanwhile, she's going to be training her handler:

Good handler!

Until the next installment of Roxie and her progress with the CGC.

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