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Friday, July 23, 2010

Horse Show Dogs | Dog Costumes

The Santa Barbara National Horse Show is my favorite because I every year they hold dog contests. This year they had two categories: cutest dog and dog dress up. Our new furiend, Tanya, the miniature piebald dachshund, took part in the cutest dog contest and won third place. I think she should have gotten first, but that's how I am with my friends and loved ones. Obviously the Santa Barbara National Horse Show is an event that caters to horseback riders, but it's a known fact that horse people usually come with a dog or ten. They're all animal freaks, the kind we all like. Because the show goes on for five days and also because many great riders get to show, everyone's focus is on the horses and the dog show turns a bit . . . chaotic. Let me demonstrate.

The entrance to the dog show arena.
A bit of disarray, but fun to watch all those dog costumes together.

The dogs on the left look like italian greyhounds, but the purple doggie on the right is most likely one of those designer dogs--a new breed.

This is the closes this group came to being orderly.

But that didn't last long.

Ah-oh! Here comes the judge.
"Tanya! Turn around. Show the judge your cuteness."

Tanya had to be picked up to show her doxie cuteness, oh well, she still got THIRD place.
Congratulations, Tanya! What an honor for a miniature dachshund.

I did mention the contest was being held in Santa Barbara.
Our surfer dude here is practicing his trimming, but there's not much victory at sea.
Just don't wipe out, kook!

I don't really get this one, but I admit it's unique. Is that a hair net?

And my personal favorite dog dress up entrant.

And the winner is . . . I'm just glad it wasn't a teacup chihuahua, look at the size of that wreath!

Crazy horse show people and their crazy dogs. We sure have a ball at these shows. Last year, after five days in Santa Barbara, I had had so much fun I went after five people!  Wha-at? They were in my face, plus this year, I got more respect. 


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