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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

West Highland White Terrier Gains Popularity At Horse Barn

As you know, our horse barn is full of rescue dogs, so what is a purebred West Highland White Terrier doing there? Chloe, the terrier, was part of a back yard breeding program that left her abused, suffering from an extreme case of dog dermatitis. Dog dermatitis is a general term that refers to canine skin infections. The patient's skin looks patchy, flaky, and in extreme cases raw. It is a painful and smelly situation. Dog mange is a type of canine dermatitis, but not in Chloe's case. Chloe's salvation came when her forever home discovered some enzyme treatment they had shipped to them from Texas. Allow me to introduce you now to our Chloe! 

West highland white terrier pictures


Bellow, west highland white terrier meets teacup chihuahua

We're friends

Chiweenie courts west highland white terrier
Chiweenie acting casual

Chiweenie closing in

The Brat Pack
Chloe became the barn's darling
In this photo: pit bull and blue heeler in tow

Chloe was instantly embraced and accepted by all the other rescue dogs. She had to leave early and we were sad to see her go. Until we meet again, Chloe! That concludes yet another small dog rescue chapter from our horse barn. 

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