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Monday, June 14, 2010

Newborn Kittens | Day 2 and Bonus Kitten Video

As the cute and inventive and thoughtful cute kitten names keep pouring in, we're starting to have fun with the newborn kittens. They are more active by the minute, they make cute kitten noises, and they even have organized speed races on their tummies: The winner makes it all the way around their birthing box, a drawer.

Kitten pictures - A sequence
Watch the white and buff colored one

On your mark. Get set. And he's off!

About to manage a full U-turn

Running out of steam



The observer from LOlcats icanhascheezburger
Cute kitteh iz making fun of his bro already

Cute kitten names suggested yesterday:
Earl, Suzy Q, Sno Ball, Hoho, Ding Dong, Puddles, Duddles, Raindrop, Venezuela, Fifa, Pele, Beckham, Max, Lucy, Amigo, Khrya, Snookums, Patches, Cali, Rivers, Lakie, Speckles, Fawn, Holly, Dink, Rudy, Frankie, Brax, Bobo Jr., Little Jo, Peanut, Miss Kitty, Benny, Mona, Frankie, Albert, and Lorenza!!! As if the kittens' presence wasn't overwhelming enough, the kitten names you're coming up with are adorable. What to do?

Many of you, correctly assumed the calico kittens, aka tortoiseshell kittens, are most likely female. I'll get back to you on this one after I'm completed my research. In Greece, where my mom grew up, nobody wanted a calico kitty because they're considered . . . nuts! Silly greek old wives and their tales!

Bonus Kitten Video

Me hopes you enjoyed today's newborn kitten edition.

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