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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Pug and An Award Ceremony

And The Award Goes To . . .

Before the awards, something dear to me. I got a card from my pug, Gunther. I love surprises and I loved my card. You can look at it if you like.
No, you can't look inside! It's private.
Thank you, my pug. I will cherish your card.

Wait a minute! I got another card! Maybe Gunther is courting me in his own special way after all. He even sent me a pug magnet as a memento. 
I love it, but this guy does not look half as cute as the real Gunther. 

Now that's my handsome guy!
What? I said, no peaking inside.

Look what Huffle passed out! Isn't it cute? It's the "I love you" award. The rules are so simple. You mention who gave it to you, and you spread the love.


As I love all my furiends... You get the rest. Please, take it as a reminder that I am your furiend and I love you. I would gladly paste all your links here, but I'm afraid I'm going to be doing a lot of link pasting when GABE starts. Congratulations on your award that you get for putting up with me. You've earned it.
The next award comes from Tiffy, Cocorue's sister. I was truly impressed at how sweet Tiffy is and how much she's trying to fit in.

How appropriate from a new furiend!

Thank you lil' Tiffane. I didn't need this to be your furiend, but I really appreciate it. As for Coco, you should know that at my home we call you "our good will ambassador" and we love you too. Oh, and please don't keeeeel me if we have any more earthquakes. I'll stay safe, promise. 
Last on my list, is the gorgeous custom award the talented and prolific Purple Hatter made me. Again, another surprise. What have I done to deserve this? Thank you!


I'm not ready to pass this on yet. Let me explain. I've had it for a while because I wanted to come up with something special to do with it. Well, I give up for now, so I'm asking for your help. Any suggestions?

Congratulations to all. I feel so blessed to have you as my furiends and I'll keep saying it over and over. I'm grateful and intimidated by how caring you all are. 
* * *
Now about GABE. I've been communicating for a while with Delightful Blogs and they are going to be featuring our badge on their home page! We're going to rock blogland!!! Thank you, Delightful Blogs.

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