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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stressed Out Chiweenie

Alternate Title
Through the Dirty Glass Door

When we adopted Frankie, our brindle chiweenie, I was told she was for me. My family thought I could benefit from having another dog around. I loved the idea. I can feel myself getting stronger every day, just because I have someone to make fun of every day.  So, poor brindle-bum is my main target, but it's okay, 'cause she's a good sport and she forgives me everything. 
I suppose I can explain the dirty streaks on the glass door. Spotted senior dog did it! When she's hungry, she stands by that glass door with her pink tongue hanging a good foot or so out of her drooling mouth. The rest of the explanation is that M is not really fond of glass cleaning.
I'm glad we got all that straightened out because I now must share stressed out chiweenie pictures.

But why-oh-why is our brindle chiweenie looking so pathetic this time? There can only be two possible explanations. There's either a chimeanie on the other side of the sliding glass door or . . . 

The overprotective nursing cat!

My take on all this is that the chiweenie didn't get the memo so clearly etched on the door mat!

Before I go, one tiny favor, for your tiny teacup chihuahua furiend. If you have a spare moment, please pop on over check out my guest post: Twinkie Twinkie Little Star.

Thank you,

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