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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why Is This Tea Cup Chihuahua Blogging?

I reached a milestone today. This is my hundredth post. Hard to believe because under different circumstances, writing every day can be a equal to kat-crap. Not here though. Every post has been a pleasure. Well, that is when it's not about losing a furiend, an injured furiend, an ailing furiend... We've had some rough times recently, but I don't want to dwell in the sadness. I want to say a huge "Thank You" to all of you! I have never been embraced with so much love and consideration.

I had been wanting to blog for a long time, but I was afraid that nobody would be interested in the ranting of a tea cup chihuahua. Finally, on November 13th of 2009 I shyly posted my first story. It was about my start in life. Nobody read it. I posted again, nada. And again, zip. Nine posts later, I started making furiends. Dog Daze left me my first comment! I was so happy. A few minutes later my blue heeler furiends, Gas, Louie, and Callie, left another. Mango was next; he was delicate and soft spoken as usual, "Holly crap! What's with your leg?" BOL Paco, Milo, Maya, and Mommy Simona dropped by and left their so striking exclamations filling up an entire paragraph with them. Aaaah. Wait, what's that? I just got a new one on that same post: Anonymous stopped by to share an emo-boy-hair link, hmmm (I just saw that). I should add him to my reading list, not. Twix, Dip Dip and the Bridge, Houndstooth and the stunning Sibes The Thundering Herd and the OP Pack came next. By now, a few short weeks later I have many blogs I look forward to visiting. As for the comments I get, hard to keep from chocking on occasion. You guys are all very funny. My M has painted her keyboard a splotchy brown from the coffee she's spat on it at unexpected hilarious comments.

I was elated with my blog's fast progress but at the same time I ran into some issues. What is Wordless Wednesday, and is Khyra's Walkin' Wednesday the way to do it? If I don't, will that make me a bad blogger? How do you make links to show off your appreciation? Why was I being asked for my snail mail? I was confused. I wanted to have fun but I also wanted to tread carefully, since I already liked everyone so much. One of my tests came when somebody, I'm sorry I don't remember who, organized a live chat event. I showed up. Everybody was having a ball, but I was lost. I finally spoke to someone: "Hey, how could you say that? You're only a puppy?" was all I wrote. The "puppy" responded: "I'm no puppy. I'm thirteen!" Gulp. At that point I told everyone I had to help M in the kitchen. I left running with my tail between my legs. Now I can laugh about it.

The next huge event in my short blogging life was The Mango Minster 2010. Heck, I had yet to even see a Westminster dog show! What were all those categories? To make matters more interesting I volunteered to help. Wise Mango foresaw a possible disaster and backed off. He was right. I just now learned to PS and that was only because I had to. How could I tour the world with Max, the golden retriever, if I couldn't bring him along?

And that brings me to the most important part about blogging. I still tear up every time I think of how we all jumped on the Max Tour. We're all about support, love, and trying to share the good as well as the not so good times.

We share anything from stinky gas to recipes. I love our community. That's all I wanted to say, but I wanted to support it first ;)

Twinkie, The Happiest Tea Cup Chihuahua in the World
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