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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Linguini's Recession Small Dog Bed

We're all affected by the recession. With foreclosures on the rise and peoples losing their homes, dog rescue and animal rescue organizations across the country believe us furiends to be the newest victim. Duh! Linguini has taken all this to heart. She's got all the dog food  (kibble) she needs and a roof over her head. She now wishes to make a statement.
She decided to give up this:
a deluxe large dog bed
In exchange for that:

a ratty small dog bed

What on earth? Our Linguini always has her own approach to life. She's unique, as Momma says while shaking her head. Designer dog beds aren't her style! BOL

Linguini's take on the recession and a message from her:
I have empathy for the economy and I prefer my small dog bed

Just for giggles

There, I even gave you a sneak peek of your Frankie. We're all doing the best we can, but we must also maintain a good sense of humor.
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