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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dog Photo Contest Quality Shots

Just For Your Viewing Pleasure
Bounder, one of the nicest dogs I have ever met

Bodi, yes you! You nasty pug!

Chihuahua taking in the sun

Brave Boomer

A brief strategy meeting with Tigger
Tea cup chihuahua v. chiweenie

Naughty Holly
Not typical for a blue heeler

Queen Maddie (the fun police)
the best blue heeler I have ever met

Pete the doxie

Ollie, the other doxie

Dexter, Owen, Petey
Two doxies and a ?

Owen, used to go after Linguini
(not so smart)

The Meanie: Trixie
(you hurt my Frankie and I'm mad)
Twixie is both a chihuahua and a meanie, therefore she's a chimeanie

Zamiro and Ringo
What do you mean these aren't dogs? They sure act like it.

My Petey and his carrot
we all love carrots

Playful dogs

And many more! Adopt a dog!


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