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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catnip Makes the Cats Go Crazy (continued)

This is the last installment on our latest Catnip Post Series. Recently, you got to see the catnip effects on our cats on the post "Catnip Makes The Cats Go Crazy." Today, you get get the real inside edition along with a word of caution.

 It's always a good idea to tiptoe around a cat on catnip.

 Oops, I said . . .

 I, Twinkie, know better, and I listen to my own advice. I'm keeping my distance from Max, the Maine Coon kitty.

 Pedrito, on the other paw, has a death wish.



 But, Pedrito never listens. He lives by his own rules and is used to always getting his way.

He took Max's rug from under his furs and ran away. 

Furiends, beware! Don't do this at home unsupervised. Catnip Effects can be dangerous for us dogs.

The End
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