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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We're All So Happy

Just wanted to share some happy photos with y'all...

Yesterday, Ms Momma Duck, Mallory, had a rough awakening. A huge gray hawk was sitting in wait to get her and her babies. No worries for now, Mallory and the family are safe. M's appearance was enough to scare the naughty hawk away, but it was scary nonetheless. Experts say that once the ducks have become full fledglings is the time to set them free, but seriously now? How fast will those babies fly compared to a hawk?

 Happy Frankie

Ziggy loves our yard. He's going to the vet today because of a minor health problem. Everybody at our vet's office is really excited. They love us there--all of us.
As for me . . . Twinkie Tiny Dog,
I love my life. I'm stronger than EVER! I eat all my meals and enjoy bossing the gentle giants around.

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