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Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Edition Friday

Brothers And Sisters

Our beautiful kittens are almost a year old. They have lived together their entire life. Contrary to what animal behaviorists say (that cats are indifferent to the notion of family), our cat family is a tightly knit one. From feedings to play time, they still stick close to each other. Below are some photos of Puddles, the calico kitten, and her baby bro, Charlie, the tuxedo kitten, engaging into adorable kitten play.

 Charlie: Puddles . . . Yo, baby sis. Wanna play?

 Charlie: I said, let's play!

Stop it, Cha-lie! Or I'm calling momma.

 Charlie: Not before I bite your leg.

 Puddles: I'm warning you, Cha-lie. Stop it!

 Puddles: I warned you! Now, I'm going to bite your  . . . Wait a minute, you don't have any!

 Puddles: Hmm . . . Now what do I do?

Twinkie: Thanks you two. That's a wrap. You can stop and get off now.

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