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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funny Dog Pictures (continued some more)

OMD I can't believe how much havoc a tiny pup can cause. Pedro is incorrigible. He can't speak yet, but it's obvious from his demeanor, he's belligerent and pigheaded. He still refuses to put on his dog costumes! I've about had it with him. He'd better not interrupt me again.

Back to the contest and the funny dog pictures. Where was I?

Oh, yes, the intoxicated pumpkin got second place.

And then proceeded to make fun of superman, tsk tsk.

The yorkie continued to look adorable.

And the chicken . . .

. . . the chicken got third place.

Once again, my sissy and I didn't place.
I was ready to go home, but the chiweenie was rather distraught even though she got a full bag of dog treats to go!

Tomorrow, I will finally unveil really funny dog pictures. M and I got Pedro to wear his dog costume--well, at least part of it. 


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