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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hiking With Dogs | Hiking With A Senior Dog

Until recently, I was left behind every time my bigger sissy, Linguini, went hiking with her rhodesian ridgeback friends because M was afraid I'd get crushed. However, since the rhodies are so gentle and since I'm pretty savvy myself, she decided to give it a go. We were all a bit nervous. Here we were, a pack of misfits; one tiny teacup chihuahua, one rather small chiweenie, a senior dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix, and two robust powerful rhodesian ridgebacks. Off we went.

At the start of our hike, we needed a pow wow and brief introductions

This gorgeous dude, Hank, the rhodesian ridgeback . . . fell in love with me

I gave him an ear full and told him that I like hiking with dogs, but I'm not interested in a relationship at the moment. Alas! It was too late. 

No matter, I decided to proceed by finding a super cool rock

Linguini to paid her respects too

And so did Sue. Copycats!

We were having a blast, but all the while we minded Linguini, our senior dog. After her recent face plant, we've become even more conservative. We don't take off as far as we used to and we all keep an eye on our girl at all times, in case she needs us.

On rare occasions, she did need our assistance. We don't want to deprive her of her fun, so from now on, this is the way it's going to be. We're going to enjoy hiking with dogs, but we'll be careful and considerate.

"Hey, what's taking you slow pokes so long? I'm a three legged dog and I still have to wait up for you."
As I was saying, I'll be more careful and considerate . . . soon

I was feeling a little crowded in this photo. See how adoringly Hank is looking at me? Is it love or does he think I'm an appetizer? 

Dog hiking is the best and it is also very healthy. It helps keep everyone fit. All you need to do is be well prepared and know the limitations of every pack member. We always try to hike by running water, to avoid risking dehydration, and we are well aware of the natural threats of our surroundings (including rattle snakes, coyotes, etc). We stay by our biped pack leaders and watch out for one another. Also, in our desire to enjoy our hikes, we tend to all get along and develop wonderful relationships that under different circumstances would pause a challenge. 

For those of you who can't hike by running water, there are several options available. There are wonderful and convenient water bowls and water bowl sets available that weigh close to nothing and are easy to take with you. Tons of dog hiking gearto take along and if you don't like carrying stuff, and if your dog isn't too tiny, you can always invest in a dog backpack

Take a hike!

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