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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Small Dog Rescue Barn

Ever since I got healthy, Mom started taking me out to the barn. I know I am a small dog, but I can run like the best of them!

                                                                                                                                               THE BARN

Our barn is special, in the sense that all horse riders can bring their dogs. Large, medium sized, tiny...they're all welcome; small dogs and large. I was welcomed too. The people already knew about me, so when I finally made my debut, they knew my name and they all took turns watching me and keeping this small dog warm by sticking me inside their sweaters. The other rescue dogs wanted to befriend me. Yay!

  My Barn Friends
To a visitor, our barn looks as if we're running a small dog rescue

At first, a day at the barn, running around with my new friends, meant a relapse and I'd stay in bed for a day or two. I was too tired to even eat. Mom would get really worried and contemplate not taking me again. "Please, please don't do that," I wanted to scream, but I didn't have to. She thought it over carefully and decided that this small dog should be exposed to whatever healthy dogs are exposed to, only, since I was so sickly and tine, in small increments.

By now, we can go to the barn and spend hours there. When I get tired, I just go up to my mom, turn my tail towards her, and wait. She always picks me up. I take a break to play with my small dog toys and then I'm off again. There's too much to do and see . Horses and small dogs everywhere, and nice animal lovers among them. It's heaven for me...and Frankie, and Daisy (my sisters).

Today, we were naughty. All three of us, disobeyed our mother and started goofing around in a coral. Now, I get it, she doesn't want us small dogs to get kicked by a horse, but we were safe. The coral was empty, what was she yelling to us for? I guess she loves us too much and too much love is a good thing. Twink!

I don't get to go riding often, but today was one of those rare days. I love to ride. I ride English, no stirrups, and sometimes bareback too. I may be a small dog but I'm skilled. I just wish they made a helmet small enough for me. I think that riding without a helmet is silly and irresponsible. I just don't have a choice. I've visited several online small dog boutiques and no helmet.

    Getting Ready to Ride Theodore

I'm so tired now. I need a nap. I'll probably sleep until tomorrow morning.

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