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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Greek Protest Dog | Kanellos

Greece has gone to the dogs, I'm sad to say. What stuns me though is that even the dogs know it. While Greeks have been protesting, for two years straight now, following the death of a young boy by a police officer, the country's public financial humiliation, wage cuts, recession, corrupt government, spasmodic riots, turning the city into a Mad Max backdrop, one DOG stands out.

Kanellos, the mutt, not a designer dog, is still in the front line. Dogs need to eat too, you know?
Greek Protest Dog In Pictures
Watch carefully

What up dawg???

I am grateful that the world has its eyes on this dog--keeps everyone busy and entertained and the country a teensy-weensy bit less mocked.

Photos courtesy of The Guardian, U.K.
Reporting from L.A.
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