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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Extra, Extra Read All About it!

A couple of days ago, I received the most pawesome email from Silver Lining Herbs. A kind lady contacted me to say that my bloggie had been featured on their TOP 10 FAVORITE dog blogs! She went on to mention the criteria used for their wise choosing:

"Although there are lots of dog bloggers out there, the blogs written from the POV of the dogs tend to be our favorites, especially because they're quite entertaining. We also love looking at lots of cute pictures. Through your posts, you have displayed responsible pet ownership, compassion, a sense of community, and dedication to sharing the story of your pet(s), which we admire."

This is the first thing I did when I received the email

Here's my personal take (yes, I am still as opinionated as ever)

1. I am quite entertaining, I agree. 

2. My blog has cute pictures. I agree, although sometimes my human makes me post photos of the cat-astrophic kittehs. Blah

3. Through my posts, I have displayed responsible pet ownership. That is correct! I, Twinkie, love all my pets. Okay, so I wasn't crazy about all our adoptions right from the start, but I've learned to trust my humans plus I am also responsible, so there's truth to this statement.

4. I have demonstrated compassion. Being a rescue dog myself, of course I feel compassion. I was a MESS when M found me. It's been several years now, and I'm healthier than ever, with the exclusion of my useless leg, but even though I have a forever home, I always think of my beginnings and think of other abandoned animals in need of a bit of food, water, and TLC. 

5. The sense of community makes me a bit emotional. You see, that was the goal, once upon a time when my mom and I had lots of spare time, and a smaller pack. I put up lots of events to feature my friends, I spread the news, put links up, contests, my Dear Twinkie column, and the cherry: GABE, the Global Animal Blogging Event. Everyone's link is still up, but unfortunately, I currently do not have much time to  dedicate to my community. As some of you may know, we are an ever growing pack; a pack which includes a geriatric case, a Wobbler, a scrawny and sickly tiny dog, mois, a demanding devilish younger terrier terror . . . mom also works a lot teaching Pailates... While the sense of community is still strong, lack of time gets in the way. Sniff. 

6. Dedication to sharing the story of my petS is also true. If I'm not blogging, I'm still finding a moment here and there to share through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of the most important media. 

This is my custom badge (for all you skeptics)

You may also read the actual Silver Lining Herbs' post by clicking HERE

Therefore, after this breakdown and careful consideration of each and every point, I am HONORED to be part of Silver Lining Herbs' Top 10 Favorite dog blogs, especially when that means I am on the same list as (here I will mention the long time bloggie furiends that I am familiar with only): the legendary Ms. Khyra, my beloved Chronicle of Woos, the hilarious comic duo of the Two French Bulldogs, and the rest of the deserving blogs.

Before I wrap things up though, allow me to break down the blurb that Silver Linging Herbs used to feature my blog, 'cause I really can't help myself:

Twinkie is a very appropriate name for the sweet little Teacup Chihuahua who runs this blog. He was rescued off the streets and rehabilitated despite doubts he would ever pull through. Despite only being able to use 3 of his legs, he’s a happy little dog who shares space with his fellow K9 siblings and even cats. Although this blog is centered around Twinkie and dogs, it also is appropriate for cat lovers, too!
"Twinkie is a very appropriate name"  . . . They are correct, I was named after the infamous "Twinkie Defense". I also do run this blog, don't ever be fooled. 

"He was rescued," is almost accurate, but I am a SHE. I'm a girly girl, kk? Good. 

The rest of the text I cannot object to, until we come to the last line: "[Twinkie Tiny Dog, the blog] is appropriate for cat lovers too." While it's true, I do NOT want my blog to go to the cats. 

I'm afraid it's time to wrap things up. Don't ask...

Lots of licks to y'all!


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