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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog Flea Feedback Please

I am working hard, trying to figure out how a tiny dog like myself can win the Dog Pile contest. After seeing Mango's modeling shot with all those shoes on him, I decided to get creative. I would like to share with you a sneak preview of my entry photo:

The Dog Flea Circus
Dog Flea population: 2 million 5 Thousand and 99. Beat that! 
What do you think? Will this circus idea fly or do I need to brainstorm again?

Today is Frankie's Birthday, We Think
the chiweenie wants to give us a present on her special day
Frankie's statement (I'm letting her just this once): This was the bestest first birthday ever! I spent the day with my family and I enjoyeded all our activities. I can't wait 'till I blow my candle! I hope you likeded my video. Teehee

Now I have to go help mommy get all those fleas out, ouch, ouch, ouch!
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