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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chihuahua Puppy Update

Pedro is three months old

Pedro, the chihuahua puppy, the latest addition to our furry family, turned 3mos old on December 2nd. Pedro has become the Internet's new darling. His chihuahua pictures are viewed hundreds of times; they are popular and everybody thinks he's adorable. Disclaimer: he's NOT. He's in fact a terrorista disguised as an adorable tiny dog. He bites all the other dogs, leaps on the cats bringing them crashing and screaming down, eats everybody's food and the cats' poo, and "decks the halls" with you know what!

Pedro passed his final pediatric examination with flying colors. He just completed all his shots. He has tripled his initial weight of 2lbs. He is happy and healthy in his new forever home. We're not so happy, but we're seriously working on it. We do not give up easily.

Yesterday's mystery post answer: Pedro's artistic expression

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