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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat Rescue Cats Gone Wild and Terrible Twos

No, I'm not talking about the age. I'm referring to our cats, the infamous twins, Bob (gray) and Jet (black?). Remember the cat rescue story? As you know, they are the cause of much cat-astrophe in our home, especially if there is a catnip toy involved. I have been telling you about how Jet casually and frequently whacks us all as we go by her. I just discovered two videos to prove it. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the good one: Jet v. Frankie since we haven't caught the culprit with our candid camera yet.
In video #1 (all you impatient ones go directly to the 18th second, jeez) you see a typical moment in my house. We're in the kitchen and Bob wants to steal some catnip out of the hanging basket. Jet just sits patiently in wait! While they were up there, couldn't they at least have done their dishes? I suggest you turn the volume up. You can actually hear the...
A catnip effect

In video #2 Bob is again exploring the magic catnip basket. Yes, we do realize he has a problem. We're looking for a good catnip detox clinic if you know of one. In any case, you can witness again Jet's whacking technique (35th second for the lazy ones). This is a quiet blow as Jet is constantly trying to perfect her technique.
And Whack

This is what we have to put up with at mi casa. I realize that our situation is embarrassing and that my ego should be at least mildly bruised (along with my head), but I'm old enough to know that all good families have their issues, and mine's no exception. Catnip effects are both our entertainment and possibly our demise. 

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