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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cats and Dogs Video

Who would have thought we could socialize seven cats and four dogs so soon? None of us believed it until it came true. The latest cat rescue project is working out beautifully at last. The semi-feral momma cat and her three kittens have gotten the run of the house and the outdoor cat enclosure. Sure, there are some brawls, tons of hissing, but overall we all get along not like cats and dogs, but like a big family. Each one of us is a rescue and we're all grateful to have a forever home. Rescue dogs and cats under one roof provide endless hours of entertainment, so I made yet another video to share. This video's guest star is no other but the infamous chiweenie, Frankie!

After a barrage of cat and dog pictures, it's time for the movie!

Kittehs and puppies, aw!

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