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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chihuahua And Chiweenie Locked Up

I had the most upsetting day. I spent most of it locked up in Mommy's room with the chiweenie - bratwurst and three (!) cats! Whatever happened to my dignity? Why would Mommy punish me so? She blamed it on Deputy Dog (aka The Walrus, that's what I call this mastiff). Not only was I stuck in the room for several hours, I had to listen to Frankie screaming her head off.
The Walrus
After the Walrus's departure, I expected Mommy to make it up to us. Instead, she took off with Linguini, the dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix. She told me I'd be safer at home because I was a small dog. When she got back, I was going to have a chat with her, but she looked so sad, I didn't have the heart to. She had gone deeper into the Angeles Crest National Forrest and she had seen more of the Station Fire aftermath. Linguini looked more grey rather than black and white from the soot.
Angeles Crest National Forrest, Dec. 29, 2009

Later yet, when I was completely convinced Mommy was going to make it up to Frankie and me, she took off with Frankie! It's Tuesday, dog obedience training day. Again, I was left behind. Mommy came home glowing with pride. Apparently lil' chiweenie had aced her dog obedience training class, again.
And the best dog obedience training student award goes to ... Frankie!
I even got dog treats!

Ugh. "What about me?" I wanted to scream as Mommy pulled me aside and gave me a special sweet potato treat. Did she really think I could be bribed so easily? Aha! Affirmative. 'Cause I love my Momma, she's the best and tomorrow I bet she'll make it up to me.
I'm feeling pretty confident she will.
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