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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life Can Be A Dream

A good day for Linguini is a day of hiking with dogs, with her pals, the rhodesian ridgeback dogs, Hank and Sue. While in general, the rhodesian ridgeback is too sweet and gentle, it's also an extremely powerful dog. M has decided to skip any potential drama by bringing out entire pack together, Frankie and I are too tiny, so she just takes Linguini, the dalmatian and german shorhaired pointer mix, on hikes with Hank and Sue. She deserves it!

First they go for a lovely dog hike. 

As you see, they allow Linguini to lead
Rhodesian ridgeback dogs are very polite by nature

After the hike they like to have a picnic

Then Hank negotiates the dog food and homemade dog treats
I hear he's a pawesome host

On a full tummy, they get to catch up on their zzzs

Isn't Hank an adorable pretzel?

Content Linguini

I wish I could join them, because I never like being left home alone, but I understand that Linguini needs her big-dog time. I love my older sister and how happy she comes home after her special dog hiking expeditions. Besides, I can't complain, I'm going to a new horse barn today!


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