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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Duckling Update (With My Apologies)

Some furiends, like the famous and loveable blog readers Jed and Abby have asked for a duckling update. So sorry! Life at our home is rather hectic since the Great Dane puppies arrived. The duckling story had a much happier ending than we could have ever imagined. I'm going to redirect you to their initial home, their "birthplace", Creekhiker's blog. 

In sum: All ducklings and their mama are thriving. They are nearly 2 months old and almost full fledglings. They are wild enough to rehabilitate. They've already survived a few days in their new surroundings. Whatever happens next . . . it's up to Mother Nature.

Vaya Con Dios, Duck Family! Thank you for letting us take care of you and change your dirty stinky water every day. We are all too happy with the outcome. It was all worth it!

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