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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Does Your Cat Keep You Up At Night? | The Bob Bomb

Based on our very own cat, Bob, the orphan kitteh, we've come up with a scientifically tested kit to help all cat owners whose cats wake them up at night by knocking on the bedroom door and meowing.

It's quite common and rather annoying, but some naughty kittehs keep their mommies, daddies, and furiends awake at night by being loud and annoying until they get attention. We, the dogs, and our humans, are not nocturnal. We like and value our zzzs, therefore, I came up with the following:
The naughty kitty corner

 Close Up A

Close Up B

Patent Pending
Disclaimer: No animals but Bob where harmed during the testing and documentation phase of this significant project.

If that doesn't work for you . . . just send me word! I got more tricks up my collar.

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