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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maine coon cat Max: His Story

Alright, get your tissues ready. I'm geared up to talk to you about Maxwel, Maximilian the Grrreat, Maxine (because he sounds like a girl), Maxi, etc. Our newly adopted main coon cat.

MAX in the shower

Momma was coming home from the animal shelter and she was supposed to bring home a large Akita and German Shepherd mix, Darla--only. Well, as it turns out, when M goes to the pound, ya never know what she'll bring home. So, I wasn't terribly surpised when she got out of the car, Darla's leash in hand and a huge box in the other. What was that box doing there and what was in it?
As M was leaving the shelter with her daughter, my beloved Sissy D, they discovered that one of the cat cages had a notice on it. Of course they rushed in the office to enquire. Max's hours were numbered. Momma tried to plead with the shelter, to give her 'till Monday (it was a weekend), but they shook their heads and confirmed that Max would NOT be around on Monday.
"Well, in that case, wrap him up!" M is decisive that way. Apparently, not only was Max "too old", he was eight, he had also been adopted out once. He had made it to the parking lot. Between the animal shelter and the lot he had apparently coughed up such an enormous cough ball that the lady turned around in her heels and returned him! OMD the fool!
It was July of 2008 the day M brought Max home. She hadn't even seen him at the animal shelter, not a glimpse. He had been curled up at the back of his cage at the shelter and he was barely visible. We all got to see him for the first time when he started coming out of his box, and coming, and coming, there was no end to this dude. Max is enormous! I now know that it's normal for a maine coon cat. He's much bigger than me, no surprise there, but he's also much bigger than the twins, the catnip addicts, Bob and Jet.
Max was covered in poo and we all held out breaths at both his beauty and his stench. M took care of the latter and we could all breathe again. Underneath the poo was one of the most gorgeous kats we'd ever seen.

This is Max the day he came home.
The face! This dude was not supposed to enjoy life any longer? What?!
See the "M" shape over his eyes? We think he's a Maine Coon Cat

The problems with Max became obvious immediately. M would occasionally and half-heartedly try to find him another home. I'd hear her on the phone: "I'm looking for a home for Max. He's awesome. He's the best. We should all adopt a pet. You can only have him if you really want him, because I want to keep him. Plus he has a couple of health issues. I love him sooo! Are you sure you can provide him with the best home, because actually, no, never mind, I want him." Needless to say, nobody dared adopt Max from my mom. But there was also no controlling the twins, out tailless cats. They hated. The reason? I personally believe they're still afraid of him. It's been a year and a half since then, but things haven't changed much. We've seen very little blood, and their fights are a mockery, but they do not get along. M got a bunch of feline anti-anxiety sprays, some herbal potions, and she did everything the experts said, but it didn't make a difference. M had a personal problem with Max too. He didn't want her. She'd try to pet him, and he'd worm away. She'd find him lying about contented, attempt to touch him, and he'd move. I could see the disappointment in her face. The worst part was, that when my human siblings would visit, Max was all over them, begging to be petted. What's up with that cat behavior? M is a charmer (with animals mainly, don't get me wrong), where was her mojo? My guess is her mojo left along with that first poo she had to clean off him.

Rescue Maine Coon Cat in his bed on his bed in his own bedroom

We lived like this for eighteen months, when M decided to get Max an As Seen on TV EmeryCat Scratch Board. Scratch boards are Max's passion, plus he hates having his nails clipped. So, M ordered him two and held her breath. Would they work on Max's nails? Would they make him happier? The Emery Boards finally arrived. They came with a kitty toy, that Max loves and two cheap looking de-shedder tools. Hmmm, M put the tools aside. She's got the Furminator and she loves it, even though Max winces and tries to squiggle away from her, somehow they were getting the hang of it. Golly, this almost sounds like a review, but I can't tell you much about the Emery yet. I need more time to have a educated opinion. Anyhow, the cheap looking de-shedders were abandoned in some kitchen drawer, until ...

Happy Max The Yogi

Friday night, a long time after we adopted Max from the animal shelter, we were all hanging in the living room, and what do I see? Max is all over M being brushed with the de-shedder and purring loudly. I guess Max didn't like the Furminator, his loss. M was mesmerized while Max was hypnotized. They remained there for about half an hour, while Bob made uneasy circles around them, vocalizing his frustration. Frankie put an end to it. She got fed up. She went up to Max's face and yelped "My turn!". He got the message and left to play with the fluffy cat toy that came with his EmeryCat. I have never seen a shinier kat. I have never seen Max more content. As for me, I'm a lady, and I patiently remained on my heating pad from where I observed all I just recounted, even though, between us, I was dying for my turn!
There's a feeling of tranquility in my home that wasn't there before. I want to believe that the Max-saga is coming to a fast end. We want him not just alive, but happy too, and he's finally getting it. What can I say, katz may be able to catch birds in the air, but when it comes down to their IQ, they are slower than k9s. Oh, I can also say that EmeryCat's de-shedders get an A+ from me, as does the Furminator for the rest of us. 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tea Cup Chihuahua Experiment

Last time we went to play at our beloved Arroyo Seco, Momma decided to conduct an experiment. She dressed me in something that looked like a cross between a Paris Hilton Chi and a Bunny. As it goes with most experiments, I, the guinea pig, was not given any instructions. The experiment was significant because within seconds we learned that: When a Bunny chases a dog, the roles reverse. Watch Frankie's leaps and hops if you don't believe me.

Let's forget about the Bunnies for a minute and check out the ducks.

Can't get those either!

What if we united our forces? Let's have the Three Stooges go after the Ducks.


At this point, I'd like to conclude today's vlogs and my personal tea cup chihuahua experiments with my favorite video of the day. Yes, I do realize fully what I'm doing in this video. It's deliberate!

No comment.

Breaking News: I was visiting Max, all the way in Africa (fine, his blog) to check up on his health, enjoy his post, when I discovered he had joined a dog blog competition. I had vowed to myself to stay away from those for a while, but then I though better about it. I want to join, as I told Max already. The reason: Some of you may have noticed the One World One Heart Event I am participating in. Well, as it turns out, there are virtually no furiends involved. The contest is lovely BUT it's mainly targeting crafters and artisans (beautiful stuff btw). I feel the need for an international furiend blogging event, and I've been thinking about this for a while. The blog contest should teach me new things and expose me to new furiends, that none of us know yet. I'm looking at it as a great PR opportunity that will hopefully allow me to organize the International Furiend one.
The event is called " 2010 Dog Blog Award" and the rules are simple. You need to register your blog(s) and you must blog about it and ask your furiends to vote. Before I ask you to vote for me, know that there are no pop ups and no sign ups. Both Max and I need to get more than 50 votes to qualify for Round 2. To vote for us please click HERE. All you need is Max's (Di6Ym) and mine too (7f1rN). Click on the link, paste our codes (one at a time BOL) in the big yellow box, and ta-da! You'll make two furiends eligible for Round 2. Thank you!
Have a grrreat day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (3)

Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are? Where's Twinkie? That's right, it's my day. I call the shots. For today, I've decided to do something very complex. I'm going to enter me and my Linguini in Tucker's Sit Stay competition. It's a dog photo contest (See, I can do the links too!)
Now, I need to get this right. I have to remember to email Tucker our entries. I do in a way have a bloggy. I also need to do all this before the 30th of January. Cool, I've got it.

Name: Frankie The Bratwurst (I had to write that, Twinkie's condition)
Breed: Chiweenie
My Bloggie: This one!

My photo: Ta-da! You did say "it doesn't have to be traditional", right, Tucker?

I do the SIT on the model's arms. The important thing here is the STAY. I'm not going anywhere. Tee hee!
This is my official dog photo contest entry

And now it's my Linguini's turn. Please pay attention. She workeded really really hard for the National Train your Dog Photo Contest and this is what she learned.
Oh, wait, the entry!

Name: Linguini aka The Spotted Dog
Breed: Dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix
Her bloggy: This one!

Her photo, shows her uniqueness. Linguini is "special", if you know what I mean. As you look at her photo, you can clearly see how Linguini is dedicated to her mission. See her face? You may want to give her an extra point or a thousand, for how dangerous and difficult her choice is. She's my sister, of course I'm supporting her. Goooooo, Guini!

Up on the Rooftop Sit Stay
Linguini's official dog photo contest entry

And this brings my post to an end. So long, kind readers. Thank you all for supporting me in having my own day. Who knows, when Mango's done with his extracurricular activities, perhaps Dexter and I will buy our own bloggy.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dog Photo Contest Again?

Enough is Enough, Mommy Dearest

My momma wanted me to participate in the National Train Your Dog Month Photo Contest, an officially sanctioned Mango Minster 2010 event. That's when I started questioning her sanity. I mean, okay mommy dearest, but I think that Mango Minster, the valentine's dog photo contest, Biggie's Dog Pile competition, and piano lessons, is overkill. I refused. I've always refused to allow M to train me anyways. Huh! So, I did what all good family members do, I volunteered my Linguini and my Frankie, because they're both so trainable. Their photo session was this past Sunday and it went surprisingly well.


My skill was positively enforced using duck a l'orange, a favorite of mine. My human didn't want to be seen with me, so she's standing off to the side, but I'm sure you can feel the good relationship between us, or should I call it chemistry? The paparazzo, mi mom, is taking the photo. I'm feeling very positive about everything because I secretly love getting all the attention, plus I view this as a warm up for my SitStay contest entry. How do I look?

COMMAND: On top of your house! Now sit!
Linguini's dog photo contest entry


My skill is very difficultest. I just graduated from dog obedience training school, but my dog trainer has yet to mail me my graduation photos (I still love her though, especially if she's reading this post). Anyhow, I did really well in my dog training class, but there was one thing I just couldn't figure out: I didn't understand why Momma wanted to touch my leg. Why, Momma, why? But then my human sis came by the other day and she totally explained it to me. Now, I can teach anybody, tee hee. My human sissy, the one I visit the barn with, doesn't visit often enough, so I always do whatever she asks of me. She gaved me treats (kisses) and positive reinforcement as Momma snapped this photo:

Frankie's dog photo contest entry

* * *
One more piece of news. I received the Sweet Friends Award from Stella, Gunther, and Betty AND from Madi and her Mom. What can I say other than thank you, I may be a bit abrupt or outspoken, but, deep down, I am sweet and I'm undeniably a good furiend!

The rules:
Rule #1. Copy the image to your blog (check)
Rule #2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today
1. I love blogging (doing it)
2. Lie out in the sun and collect the heat (did that this morning)
3. Play with my sissies (it's ongoing)
4. Steal the cat food (possibly later or asap)
5. Hikes (Moooom!)
6. Chewing on my Duck A 'Orange treats (at least once a day)
7. Leave comments on my furiends blogs (I'll be doing tons of that today)
8. Helping old people cross the street (hasn't happened yet)
9. Curling up on my heating pad (ongoing)
10. Listening to my momma (there's always a chance she'll read my posts)
Rule #3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day (loose interpretation)
Blog #1
Dexter's new blog aka Mango's old blog. I've laughed a lot at Dexter's underhanded and subtle way of forcing the enormous RH out of his own blog and home soon. In case anybody is looking for Mango you can find him here.
Frankie (the good Frankie) despite the fact that we can't open a restaurant together. Frankie's worried about his luxurious mane catching on fire, whereas I'm virtually hair free.
Blog #3
Coco, for being fearless and styling at the same time!
Blog #4
Jazzi, because I love rascals and you must admit it, he's one. Plus he did a magnificent job with his Sit Stay entry.
Blog #5
Kissa-Bull for asking me to join the roaming comedians.
Blog #6
Paco, Milo, Maya, and Simona. My family and I ar so grateful that Simona aka Mommy is alive!
Blog #7
Jack! What can I say, I love to laugh and I always will. Thanks, Jack.
Blog #8
Penny, who just became a media star, in the hopes she's can hook me up. BOL
Blog #9
Stella and her world. There's a hidden agenda here. I want her to still like me when I try my own version of my favorite Tuesday post: Ali Z
Blog #10
Thunder and Phantom. Other than the fact that I need a dictionary to translate their Siberish when I read their posts, all I can say is "Happy Toothsday" BOL

Thank you ALL furiends for making blogging so much fun!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Dog Photo Contest on Valentine's Day

Some of you already know that our furiends at Bark.Sniff.Drool are doing a Valentine's Day dog photo contest via FB. I know, I got it, many of you don't care about the dreaded FB but I'm here to discuss The Photo-Session.
M, short for Momma and reminiscent of Bond, had been complaining today, ever since we got back from the pet store. All we got was some pizzle, some dog food, and IT, the reason for M's frustration. You see, M gets shopaholic tendencies only at the pet store, so she's come up with the term "bling" for anything that is unnecessary. IT was superfluous, IT was redundant. I shall now post some photos and ask you, kind furiends, to tell me, was IT really unessential? M got her answer alright.

We started the dog photo contest session with me. M's time was limited and she knew it. She used IT quickly before I knew what "wrapped" me.

Yikes! What's happening?

That's right, I'm winking. I'm DONE.

Lucky for M, she managed to get one more good shot, but for that, I need a drumroll.
Thank you!
The Shot

Within seconds, I had unwrapped myself, sparing my life. I ran to the adjoining couch as fast as I could but not without observing what happened next. The Brat (yeah, the chiweenie is just the Brat now) hopped on my couch and started posing. What a poser!
And then I had to listen to M: Yeah, that's right, great, you look hot baby, give it to me, tuuurn, excellent, look happy, look down, oh, wow, that's the shot... Should I go on? I think photos speak louder than words.

It was in the middle of the dog photo contest session that M all of a sudden saw the light. She actually put the camera down for a moment and with teary eyes exclaimed: "Sweetie, you love this. I'm so glad I got it!" Apparently, weird looking ITs from another planet are not considered bling any longer at my house.
Oh, How Cute!

Way to go, M. Not a bad dog photo contest shot, Frankie!
Now you know everything that transpired on my couch last night. As for what was going on on top of the pool table, some other time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catnip Effects | Gray Squirrel

Today, I need to address a serious problem. It's about my twin-kat-siblings. I think it's time for an Intervention. The catnip effects are devastating. Let me lay it all out for you.

Nanny cam:
Please pardon the grunt in the middle of the video. Momma couldn't help herself when she realized the catnip mess and exactly what she was shooting. Ha ha.

Photo Evidence
Who stole the catnip from the catnip basket?
Wasn't me!

Wasn't me!

The culprits!

I believe the pictures speak for themselves. To prove my case even further, please allow me to show you the "after" photos.

Help! Is there a Catnip Effects Anonymous that you know about or do I need to do that too? I've been thinking about it (tons of extra time on my paws due to nonstop rainstorm!) and I have an idea for a name for my detox center: Nip/Tox. What do you think? I might get my own TV show this way.

One last thing before I go (this is for you, momma): January 21st was Squirrel appreciation day. I would like to take one moment to post a photo of our gray squirrel. She was a rescue too. She came to us as a newborn and in really bad shape. A friend had rescued her from a grade school play-yard where the children were taking turns tossing her by her tail. Ashley spent the first months of her life inside Momma's exercise bra. She remained my momma's darling until she passed away at the overripe age of nine! (Squirrel's usually don't make it to age six). We remember her all the time, but you have never seen her. Do not feel sad. She sure needed a break. Here's our gay squirrel.

Ashley hanging outside her cage door

That's all for now, folks. Transmission over.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Giveaways | One World One Heart

IT IS OVER! Dear friends, old and new, you must be anxious to find out who the winners of the free giveaways where. I am grateful to for taking the pressure of choosing off of me. Here's the link in case you want to check up on me. It's entrant accessible:

The three winners are: 
WW, Debbi, and Twix!!!



1st drawing held by twinkietinydog
Completed on Tuesday, 16 February 2010 at 02:35:23 UTC
150 entrants, 3 winners

Thank you 

One World One Heart is an event that was started by A Whimsical Bohemian in 2007. The goal was to bring the blogging community together. While One World One Heart is non fur-ball specific, I decided to participate. Since this is an international event, I will be representing both the US and Greece to add to the diversity. I'm half-Greek, didn't you know? As the author of A Whimsical Bohemian puts it: this even transcends geographical location, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, religious beliefs...and I'm adding here: breed and species. Besides, Whimsical Bohemian's official assistants are two katz! Heads up my blog furiends; we're a peace loving bunch, our network, and I think this event is fitting. Peace on earth for everyone!
Let's share our blogs. By clicking HERE, you will be redirected to the page with the actual rules (you can also click on the OWOH image on the side bar). Yes, there are rules, but life's full of them. For example, Frankie's not allowed to pee on the bed. Simple stuff, don't fret. The event is open to everyone and the restrictions are minimal.
Free giveaways: I'm going to mail a copy of my enlightening and delightful children's read-along photo story book about my life after my rescue. The title is Twinkie, The Tiniest Dog in the World. It's filled with beautiful and funny photos. You can click on the book cover on the sidebar for more information. Every 50 comments I'll be doing a random drawing using The more comments, the more books... Don't forget to leave a comment, if you want to participate that is, and of course a way to reach you, if you're one of the lucky winners. Now let's get social. The event starts NOW!

But before I go, a little Synchronized Shaking for good luck.
Enjoy everybody!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How To Train Your Cat | Not So Much Walking

Another Cat-astrophe!
A bit of walking, a lot of eating, and tons of tugging is more like it. BOL I feel like breaking into a song: "Who let the katz out? Woof, woof, woof, woof!" Let me translate for the ones still waking up: catwalk=disorder+confusion! They, the cats, have actually caused me so much uncertainty that I'm torn. What am I?

What am I?

Now to the real katz. While Maximilian our XXXL Maine Coon cat acts like the purrfect gentleman, I can't say the same about the twins. Bob and Jet aren't the cat's pajamas. Watch this:
I think Bob confused roll with stroll

He eventually took his first steps.
Look at the baby!

And here are two how to train your cat videos to demonstrate the perfect walking refusal technique.
Courtesy of Bob

Courtesy of Jet

And finally, The Cat Walk
(this is boring)
Not to be confused with Khyra's walks!

In the end, both katz were happy with their "walk". Jet ended up eating instead of cat food a bunch of grass too. Another way of saying this is, Momma ended up cleaning up after her. Haaaa...

Waaaait: I'm not done. I just found out it's my friend, Stella's, fourth birthday today and I want to wish her a Happy Birthday filled with walkies, purple armchairs, many fabulous walks at the beach and anything she desires. Gunther and Betty, I'm sure you'll get some cake too. Four toots for Stella!!!!

A Dog Vet Visit and Adventures in Not So Sunny California

The day didn't start off so well. We got news that a furiend of ours was sick. She had to go to visit the dog vet. She'll be fine, but we all got to thinking: Life is short. Why not live a little? Momma started going through the "we're going on a hike" motions. What was she thinking, that we were going to catch a break between the storms? Wrong. Regardless, we all love a good adventure and we'd do anything to get away from our home. Linguini and Frankie leapt in the car as I waited for the large hand/ramp. By the time we parked, it was pouring. We stayed in wait for a few minutes.

This is what I call anticipation!

We couldn't stay there forever. We proceeded with our plan and soon enough, I ran into an obstacle.
I gave my momma the sweetest most pleading look...

...but she was determined to let me deal.
I did! I did!

We were almost at the car, when we were faced with another situation: a bunny wabbit. The soundtrack is courtesy of our fire department. It's a constant reminder of the horrible Station Fire and the current mess. At first, Linguini, as most spotted dogs, even though she's a dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer mix, thought she should follow the sirens, but then came the bunny.

It was finally time to head home. We were soaked to our bones. The ride back was quiet. We were all trying to shake off the cold and we were tired. We were happy to lie down and enjoy the sweet smell of wet dogs. Aaaah.
Uh-oh! I hear the momma's sneezers. If she caught a cold, I'll be sad because she will have to pay the dog vet a visit, but a cold would also mean that she's cooking chicken soup. Slurp!


PS: A note to all my furiends, friends, and followers. I'm so sorry! All this time I've been uploading super-sized videos. Those days are o-ver. Now they're exactly the size they should be. My apologies, especially to those with the lowest band width.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (2)

Yay, Twinkie let me post again and I'm happy. It's Frankie the chiweenie, in case you forgot. It's been raining around the clock for days now. Linguini doesn't seem to care. She tucks herself in her extra small dog bed and sleeps. Twinkie's doing fine too. She spends most of her day lounging on her heating pads. I'm stuck at home all day long with nobody to play with. I feel like this:
This photo expresses my emotional state
(It's my beloved furiend Jude the mastiff, by the way)

That's why I decided to react. I'm not one to get bored easily, so I put together photos and videos to better introduce you to our latest barn furiend:
Cookie! A blue heeler puppy!

She's a bullet. She's a tad faster than I am. She runs like the wind. I think Mama's camera couldn't have done a better job capturing this:
Cookie's training for the Olympics
I wish I could see blue heeler puppies competing for real in the Olympics!

Cookie was saveded by local authorities. She was removeded from her home and taken to a dog shelter because a good person turned her awful owners in. Cookie is the only survivor. She lost her mama and her siblings who were even more abused than she was. She's got chronic dog mange, among other things, and nobody wanted to adopt her. I'm very happy to report what I overheard: she lookeded much worse when she was rescued. She's even put on weight already, of course she also gets regular meals now.
Okay, now I have to be honest like Twinkie's taughted me. I was in fear for my life when I first met The Blue Heeler Bullet.

In this video, Cookie comes to say hello for the first time.
If you could stop paying attention to how filthy our car is for a moment,
then you can witness my panic.

After a couple of nanoseconds, curiosity won. I decided to come out from hiding and face my fear.
But then I noticeded my dog treats Ha ha

Sweet, Cookie. I'm so sorry that I was afraid of her. Now I know how nice she really is and what a wonderful barn family addition she has maded. I can't wait to see her again--as soon as the yucky rainy weather goes away.
I love this bloggy stuff! This was much fun.
So long, my friends... Talk to you soon.

Adopt a dog!
Frankie The Chiweenie Bratwurst

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chihuahua Awards

I had barely woken up when I visited my friend Cocorue's blog the other day. I thought I was still dreaming when I found this:

And this:

Coco handed out the "You Have Been Hi-Fived By Little Miss Cocorue" Award to all her new followers. I was lucky to be on that list. Because it's her award, and because I was given no further instructions, I will simply savor it for now. Thank you my chihuahua furiend.
As for the "Circle of Friends" Award, she presented to everyone on her blogroll. Well, I also believe that everyone included in our blogs deserves this. Help yourselves please. We're all loving furiends, aren't we?

I've been complaining a lot about the weather and I didn't want you to think I'm exaggerating. That's all the news talk about: the storm, the tornadoes (in sunny SoCal?), our hood, the burn area aka Angeles National Forest. Well, we're all set. Our carry ons are behind the garage door. Mom only needs to unplug her computer. We're getting good at this. Practice, practice, practice. One last thing, when the LAPD and the Fire Department beg us to move out, let's just listen to them. Otherwise we can all go for a jacuzzi*.
*During the actual Station Fire period, a couple decided to wait it out in their hot tub. Needless to say, they were par-boiled. True story!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dog Treat Wednesday

Dog treat photo op
tea cup chihuahua style


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Linguini's Recession Small Dog Bed

We're all affected by the recession. With foreclosures on the rise and peoples losing their homes, dog rescue and animal rescue organizations across the country believe us furiends to be the newest victim. Duh! Linguini has taken all this to heart. She's got all the dog food  (kibble) she needs and a roof over her head. She now wishes to make a statement.
She decided to give up this:
a deluxe large dog bed
In exchange for that:

a ratty small dog bed

What on earth? Our Linguini always has her own approach to life. She's unique, as Momma says while shaking her head. Designer dog beds aren't her style! BOL

Linguini's take on the recession and a message from her:
I have empathy for the economy and I prefer my small dog bed

Just for giggles

There, I even gave you a sneak peek of your Frankie. We're all doing the best we can, but we must also maintain a good sense of humor.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat Rescue Cats Gone Wild and Terrible Twos

No, I'm not talking about the age. I'm referring to our cats, the infamous twins, Bob (gray) and Jet (black?). Remember the cat rescue story? As you know, they are the cause of much cat-astrophe in our home, especially if there is a catnip toy involved. I have been telling you about how Jet casually and frequently whacks us all as we go by her. I just discovered two videos to prove it. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the good one: Jet v. Frankie since we haven't caught the culprit with our candid camera yet.
In video #1 (all you impatient ones go directly to the 18th second, jeez) you see a typical moment in my house. We're in the kitchen and Bob wants to steal some catnip out of the hanging basket. Jet just sits patiently in wait! While they were up there, couldn't they at least have done their dishes? I suggest you turn the volume up. You can actually hear the...
A catnip effect

In video #2 Bob is again exploring the magic catnip basket. Yes, we do realize he has a problem. We're looking for a good catnip detox clinic if you know of one. In any case, you can witness again Jet's whacking technique (35th second for the lazy ones). This is a quiet blow as Jet is constantly trying to perfect her technique.
And Whack

This is what we have to put up with at mi casa. I realize that our situation is embarrassing and that my ego should be at least mildly bruised (along with my head), but I'm old enough to know that all good families have their issues, and mine's no exception. Catnip effects are both our entertainment and possibly our demise. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Horseback Riding Lessons | We Made It

We left the horse barn before the downpour started and we survived another crazy day at our barn.
They have been warning us, Southern Californians, about an impending storm front. Today, we could all feel it. It had surrounded us. The air was totally still and the clouds rolling over our heads kept growing thicker and darker. Humans and other animals were on edge. The humans were already freaking out because they knew they wouldn't be able to get horseback riding lessons for the rest of the week and probably longer. The rest of the animals, well we could all feel something in the air, but we didn't know what it was, so we were all acting a bit bananas.
At first, some of the doggies gathered in the middle of the ring to observe the horseback riding lessons better.
Middle of the Ring: Dogs, A Child, Horses...The Works!

My sissies and I are not allowed in the ring. We do have the strictest parent at the horse barn, but I'm not complaining. I get it. If I get stepped on, ka-splat! Flattened like a stepped on cockroach, the end, it's over, no more Twink-love. We do get to observe from the sidelines though and despite my maturity and understanding, I get frustrated.
Here's a short video that summarizes it all; the crazy horses, nutty dogs, and the subtle laryngeal sounds escaping my tiny throat. ¡Ay, Chihuahua!
The Evidence

After her horseback riding lessons, on five horses(!), Sister D, my equestrian sibling, seemed at last satisfied. She was getting ready for our departure as the temperature dramatically dropped. Momma stuck Frankie and me under her winter coat. Linguini began to shudder. The first drops of rain started to fall. We had had a great day and we were all going home relatively dry and in one piece.
After all the running around and the cold weather, there was only one thing left to do.
Chi Pile

I won't be going to see my friends for at least a week. I may not even go for hikes for that long. Perhaps I should take on a different sport. Agility comes to mind, but when I think of the teeter...I get weak at the knees.
Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chiweenie v. Tea Cup Chihuahua | Eureka!

Those of you who expect me to come down on the chiweenie after yesterday's shenanigans, know that she is under our mumsie's protection. I've been given strict orders not to trash the brat. However, I can still do this: All this time, I've been wondering why Frankie the Bratwurst gets such a warm response from all of you! I finally figured it out.

Exhibit A:
Frankie's soft, kind eyes
Exhibit B:

My bug-eyes

I can tell for myself, that this make sense, but I'm not superficial. I always dig deeper to find everyone's inner beauty. So keep looking, amigos y amigas! Besides, unlike what you may believe, the chiweenie and I are truly happy together.

Exhibit C:

Feel the love and tranquility?

Of course, with me being much older and wiser, I tend to have a little bit more fun than Frankie.

Exhibit D:

This is NO choke hold. It's an act of sisterly love.

I hope I've cleared up some issues for the skeptics.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chiweenie Friday

Yay! I'm ba-ack! It's lil' Frankie the chiweenie puppy. I was given permission to post. This is my birthday present, I think. At least that's what Momma saided.
I want to thank you all for your wonderful wishes. Tee hee hee (I'm a bit shy). I had a lovely birthday yesterday. I spent most of the day at the offices of our dog vet getting Linguini checkeded out. She's going to be fine. We're mostly worried about Momma who worries over Linguini. See? Confusing. Everything is confusing when you're one year and one day old.
Like the other day, I bloggeded and then Twinkie said something about hurting me. Who me? I'm everybody's sweetie. I'm the baby of the family. I was confused.
Then I peed on the bed and Momma started yelling at me. I thought beds were just for lullabies.
Yesterday, I sang along to the Happy Birthday song and Twinkie threw her slipper at me.
Uh-oh, speaking of Twinkie, I think I hear her yelling at me. I better run. Talk to you soon!

A very confused one-year-and-one-day-old Frankie The Chiweenie Bratwurst

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dog Flea Feedback Please

I am working hard, trying to figure out how a tiny dog like myself can win the Dog Pile contest. After seeing Mango's modeling shot with all those shoes on him, I decided to get creative. I would like to share with you a sneak preview of my entry photo:

The Dog Flea Circus
Dog Flea population: 2 million 5 Thousand and 99. Beat that! 
What do you think? Will this circus idea fly or do I need to brainstorm again?

Today is Frankie's Birthday, We Think
the chiweenie wants to give us a present on her special day
Frankie's statement (I'm letting her just this once): This was the bestest first birthday ever! I spent the day with my family and I enjoyeded all our activities. I can't wait 'till I blow my candle! I hope you likeded my video. Teehee

Now I have to go help mommy get all those fleas out, ouch, ouch, ouch!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tea Cup Chihuahua | Yesterday's Results

What do I mean by that? Well, after going over all the comments on my last post "More Barn Trouble", three themes emerged.

Theme #1: Mango, frank Frankie, Brutus, Deborah, Brooke, Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie, and Khyra and her sometimes her mom all noticed my levitations. They commented on my tea cup chihuahua flying skills and they even called my stride boingy.

Theme #2: Houndstooth, Remington, Dory and Mama, and Gus, Louie, and Callie concentrated on my SUPERhero powers!

Theme #3: Madi and Mom compared me to Tinker Bell. Okay, so it was only one comment, but I liked it!

That's it for the themes. Of course, as if often happens, Mr. JackDaddy's views were different from the rest. Jack is probably having attention span issues because the entire post he was focused on the duck cutout.

Now that I explored/exploited all of yesterday's comments, I'd like to mention briefly that I've been brainstorming, discussing with other furiends, not sleeping at night, trying to figure out how to handle Mango Minster's sponsored event: Dog Pile! My furends, I though I was too tiny for this, but then I'm also a tough and determined girl. I'm just figuring out the last few details and then I'm ready to compete against the best. Good luck to those who enter against me...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rescue Dogs and More Barn Trouble

For those of you who do not remember my Barn Trouble post, let me summarize. Linguini, Frankie, and I were spending a lovely day at the animal shelter, um, barn among furiends, when Linguini and Frankie decided to leave us and go visit a bridge across the street. When Momma yelled at them to get back, I was waiting for them too. I set them straight. I was the good one.
Today, I have a different story to tell. There are several versions. Here's a little sequence.

Do my feet ever touch the ground?

Oh, before I forget again, I have uploaded a video on youtube: a hike at the much changed Station Fire Forest with furiends.

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