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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tea Cup Chihuahua Experiment

Last time we went to play at our beloved Arroyo Seco, Momma decided to conduct an experiment. She dressed me in something that looked like a cross between a Paris Hilton Chi and a Bunny. As it goes with most experiments, I, the guinea pig, was not given any instructions. The experiment was significant because within seconds we learned that: When a Bunny chases a dog, the roles reverse. Watch Frankie's leaps and hops if you don't believe me.

Let's forget about the Bunnies for a minute and check out the ducks.

Can't get those either!

What if we united our forces? Let's have the Three Stooges go after the Ducks.


At this point, I'd like to conclude today's vlogs and my personal tea cup chihuahua experiments with my favorite video of the day. Yes, I do realize fully what I'm doing in this video. It's deliberate!

No comment.

Breaking News: I was visiting Max, all the way in Africa (fine, his blog) to check up on his health, enjoy his post, when I discovered he had joined a dog blog competition. I had vowed to myself to stay away from those for a while, but then I though better about it. I want to join, as I told Max already. The reason: Some of you may have noticed the One World One Heart Event I am participating in. Well, as it turns out, there are virtually no furiends involved. The contest is lovely BUT it's mainly targeting crafters and artisans (beautiful stuff btw). I feel the need for an international furiend blogging event, and I've been thinking about this for a while. The blog contest should teach me new things and expose me to new furiends, that none of us know yet. I'm looking at it as a great PR opportunity that will hopefully allow me to organize the International Furiend one.
The event is called " 2010 Dog Blog Award" and the rules are simple. You need to register your blog(s) and you must blog about it and ask your furiends to vote. Before I ask you to vote for me, know that there are no pop ups and no sign ups. Both Max and I need to get more than 50 votes to qualify for Round 2. To vote for us please click HERE. All you need is Max's (Di6Ym) and mine too (7f1rN). Click on the link, paste our codes (one at a time BOL) in the big yellow box, and ta-da! You'll make two furiends eligible for Round 2. Thank you!
Have a grrreat day!
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