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Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Dog Week Day 1 & Contest

Happy National Dog Week everybody! I was shocked to find out that National Dog Week has been around for three quarters of a century. We can all thank William Lewis Judy for it. Mr Judy was a serious dog fancier. He helped create the Dog Writers' Association of America as well as National Dog Week in 1928. Thank you very much.

Some would argue that "any day is national dog week". I agree, BUT for those of us fortunate to have loving forever homes, this week means extra everything. Extra hugs, walks, hikes, and of course edibles.

I wanted to do something special to mark this year's National Dog Week and thanks to Yoghund, I am doing a free giveaway contest. Yoghund has mailed me 5 free box coupons to give away.

I posted about the upcoming contest yesterday hoping to get some good suggestions, but since so far my main input was that one of our furiends cannot participate in any contest involving physical activities and exertion, I decided to do a rather sedentary contest. 

National Dog Week Pet Photo Contest
by Twinkie:


I live with a quirky mom who is into dog bums and dog tongues. Since the first one may be offensive to the sane dog owners, we decided to go with her second fixation, the dog tongue.

Send or post your TONGUE photo anytime between now and the end of National Dog Week. My email is twinkietinydog (@) and I am looking forward to your submissions. If you choose to post, please email me the link. I don't want to miss anybody. For those of you that lack imagination, think peanut butter, yogurt on a stick, something yummy. Go on, tell your parents and make sure you tell them what "ingredient" to use to get your tongues to look better. Furiends, you should have known my contest would be a fun one for the participants.

I shall leave you with some sample submissions, courtesy of my brindle chiweenie and spotted dalmatian sissies:

Synchronized ear and TONGUE action

I mock you TONGUE



Bite your TONGUE

Double your TONGUE

(oh my TONGUE)
What's THIS doing in my pet photo contest?

Which reminds me... all animal species welcome BUT frogs and lizards. That would be cheating!

May the best TONGUE win!


*** An update and a much needed clarification: One tongue per beast please.

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