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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rescue Dogs Eating Yummy Dog Treats

We couldn't stay in any longer. We were all feeling beat up by the recent events. M decided to leave the dog tumors behind for a few hours. We would be better off having an outing. She didn't want to strain Linguini by hiking, so she opted for our beloved horse barn. M figured she could always use a (shhh) leash on Linguini if she got too active. Don't worry, Linguini wasn't in the mood to hop around, but she sure cheered up just being there.

As soon as we got to the horse barn, we discovered that the other rescue dogs, our friends, were busy trying to steal their momma's lunch. These guys are on the road so much that they're used to this type of food. I know, some of you think we should only eat kibble, but I am so grateful for the rescues this lady is responsible for, I refuse to pass any judgment. Besides, her pack eats kibble regularly, they're just a bit spoiled and get to eat human treats as well--as does my pack, by the way.

Only problem was... Trixie, the chimeanie, was really hungry
Step aside or she'll eat you

What kind of dog treat do we have here?
A healthy salad!
Oh, and the happy propeller ears belong to Tigger, the other chiweenie
Boomer, the chihuahua, is momma's boy and he gets to go first

I guess Trixie's on a hi-fat diet, so poor Tigger can have some lettuce

On the left, you see Holly, the blue heeler
She gets to clean up
I, Twinkie Twinkerson, the tea cup chihuahua, am not crazy
I love a good dog treat but I don't want to risk my life

Trixie was baring her teeth again
But I stood my ground

I went over to the chiweenie and supervised her having her dog chews, horse hooves
Those are our favorite barn treats, along with juicy carrots

Inside the barn isle, I discovered this mess
There was a dog treat line
All rescue dogs, designer dogs (aka mutts) and "pure bred" dogs too, were eagerly awaiting something to put in their tummies
M took lots of dachshund pictures since they were so liked, but I'll post them separately
What the hay? Where was my treat?

Oh, finally

Whatcha looking at? 
You've never seen a tea cup chihuahua enjoy a dog treat before?

After our feast, Frankie and Dexter, the doxie, tried to drink some of the fresh water dripping out of that pipe

Dexter finally gave in and went for the water bowl

Linguini actually jumped in the car, when we were ready to head home. M squealed because that means that the Rimadyl is working and her girl is feeling better. 
Doesn't our girl look happy? Huh?
Whoever said anything about geriatric dogs? She looks like a pup to us.

After this invigorating outing, we drove home, had some kibble, and then we all crashed
You can put away the camera now, mommy
You already took 500 photos today

I heard something about going to the horse barn tomorrow again. I'm crossing my paws!

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