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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ideal Teacup Chihuahua Dog Bed

The past couple of days, the weather got cold in Los Angeles and I'm freezing. Chihuahuas, especially short haired teacup chihuahuas, don't do well in cold temperatures. The sudden temperature drop  got me shivering. I must admit, I look pitiable. I'm tiny and scrawny, and the fact that I'm shaking like a leaf, does not help my overall pathetic image. Luckily, my mom (M) is like a hairless teacup chihuahua. To my benefit, she gets cold too easily, so she empathizes with me and makes sure that I stay nice and warm at all times.

Let me tell you about the ideal teacup chihuahua dog bed: it's anything that is soft and warm. We like to burrow and we love heat. In theory, a heating pad and a soft blanket are the ideal bed for us. Forget all designer dog beds that are nice to look at. Don't even bother with store-bought small dog beds. There are many heated cat beds in the market, but even those do not get warm enough for my taste. I prefer heating pads you can buy at any drugstore, except, in recent years, they mostly come with a timer that shuts them off automatically. To my bad luck, yesterday my last heating pad that did not shut itself off blew up on M's hands. To our good luck, it did not cause an electrical fire. It was late at night, so M and I had to improvise. I told her I'd be fine if she found got me a nice clean blanket and wrapped me in it. Of course, I also told her that today I expected her to go buy me a new heating pad for the long winter months ahead of us.

This is the improvised dog bed we came up with last night:

What do you think? Cuddly enough?

Ample room to stretch . . .

. . . make adorable faces . . .

For a makeshift bed, I couldn't have asked for anything more luxurious.

M kept touching me at night to make sure I was warm enough. I was toasty warm, but I didn't let her know. I love it when she goes out of her way to take care of me. So, if you or someone you know is looking for the ultimate chihuahua dog bed, tell them to get a heating pad. The rest is details. We shall discuss outdoor dog beds next summer and not a minute sooner.


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