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Monday, February 15, 2010

Post Valentine's Day Update | Valentine Cards

What a nutty and incredible weekend this turned out to be! First off, the Max Tour virus spread over many of our blogs turning blog-land into an awesome extended family. It turns out that the main theme of the Max Tour, besides the celebration of his life, was that good f(u)riends are to be cherished forever. I love our blogging community. You guys rock!

There was the matter of a certain handsome pug fellow to court as well. He didn't do much courting himself, so I had to do most of the work including the photosh-- (oops).
Gunther, the pug, probably out of guilt after seeing Frankie Furter's, the doxie, special attention to his girls, decided, and told me over the phone, that he's going to tattoo my name on his arm. I was really excited and asked him to use my full name: Conchita Twinkie Twinkerson Doodle-bug. Gunther and I never actually got to go on a date, but that's just fine because I would have had to have dinner with Brutus who recently beat me in a V-Day photo contest. I'm still a bit sore from that, just a tad.

The other issue that upset my family peace this weekend is that of the valentine cards. All these came for me!
The top one is from my pug's family. I though it was the best among all valentine cards ever. You know why? It was my first! I thank you.
The one below my Gunther's is from our furiends the Houston Pittie Pack. Guero and I have been meaning to meet for some cold cervezas, but I'll have to run it by Gunther at this point. Thank you all for the beautiful card.
And the bright pink one? I would have guessed it was Mona from miles away. It was!!! Thank you Mona and The Mommy!

Now, what's upsetting about all those beautiful cards, you may wonder. Here, I'll show you M's cards.
What was she complaining about? It's all about quality, not quantity!

Regardless, Frankie who is both a cracker-dog bratwurst chiweenie and not able to deal with puppy potty training still, decided to get creative for our momma. 

Remember this?
Bad Frankie

Good Frankie replaced it with this:
No comment and No puppy potty training tips either

What a weekend! I'm exhausted already. What's next? M and Frankie walking off into the sunset leaving us lots with a dog treat? We shall see, won't we?

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