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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cute dog Pictures

***Global Animal Blogging Event now accepting links @ twinkietinydogATaolDOTcom!!!***

Cute Dog Pictures
dog adoption crew


Pit bull




Dalmatian and german shorthaired pointer, the dog


Tea cup chihuahua, moi

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surprise Advice

I bet you've all received something in the mail that made your heart skip a beat. I get tons of mail like that. The other day I opened an email from somebody wanting to give me 5 million dollars! Another time, a lady who was old and had no family wanted to give me her estate. Wonderful strangers chose me to offer their drugs to. Heck, one time I even won the Australian International Sweepstakes.
Among those emails I received a note from Stella's World. At first, I though it was SPAM. I had been leaving notes for Ali Zophia all over blogland trying to get her attention. I was so impressed with her advice column that I was dreaming of having my own some day. So I kept teasing and commenting, and out of the blue, bam! Email from Ali Z, titled: Advice Column. Hmmm, interesting, I thought she was giving me personal-personal advice now and I was grateful. Imagine my shock when I read the line: "My Mom, Stella and I would be happy to give you my advice column." I almost fell off my desk (I don't use a chair). I just couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, I can believe I'll be getting a million pounds from London but THE advice column??? 

I quickly replied in case Ali Zophia changed her mind. She hasn't yet. Not only that but she and Stella posted the most hilarious conversation making it official! For the record, Ali Zophia was NOT fired. She has moved on to something TOP secret. I'm so excited to find out what is happening at their blog next. By the end of the post it was official: I, Twinkie Maria Conchita Espenoza Cucaracha Doodle-Bug Chupa Cabra Twinkerson, am honored to take over the famous Ali Zophia Advice Column. I will try my hardest to answer every-furiend's questions regardless of the perils I may be faced with in my quest for the correct response.

Please use my full name when leaving questions, I don't want to be confused with anybody else. Know that every question is important to me and that I will be recruiting the help of many critter-specialists to better serve you. So BRING IT ON! I have a hotline available to take questions 24/7. The number is 1-800-DEAR-TWINKIE

I thought the photo above would be appropriate as a header to the advice column. It summarizes what I stand for: a big mouth and an even bigger desire to laugh.

Ali Z! You are one cool kat! I will miss your column, but I am also looking forward to seeing what you and Stella have in store for us. Dear Abby, beware! Dear Twinkie's on the loose.
* * *
GLOBAL ANIMAL BLOGGING EVENT UPDATE: Wonderful and detailed new post from our furiends The Bumpass Hounds! Even if you're clear on G.A.B.E. I still highly recommend you visit their blog. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

And The Award Goes To

How wonderful to have so many marvelous furiends and to receive so many heart-warming awards! I consider all our awards as acts of friendship and alliance.  Where do I start? Hmm, beauty first:

Wonderful Critter Alley awarded us with the Beautiful Blogger Award. Pat also made some great blog suggestions. What can I say, she's got taste, she's following me. BOL
But Critter Alley isn't the only blog with great taste. I got the same award from Stella's World too. Wow! I'm feeling pretty. Stella's blog is about to get revamped, but they don't say how yet. Don't forget to keep checking in. I sure am!
Okay, to work now. I need to state 7 things about me. Do they really have to be interesting?
1. As a rescue myself, I am an advocate and I try to help any way possible. Most of the time, it feels like I'm making a hole in the water, but I push on.
2. I love my family, but I need to temporarily stop M from taking in any new members. We need a break, mommy. We'll find other ways to help
3. I love my family, and, when I say that, I mean all of them. No exceptions. Trash talk is just a way to show my love. I love you, Bratwurst!
4. I break easily. One time I got dropped and snapped my leg in two.
5. I don't like kibble. Biped food is my favorite. On the food subject, I wish M would get off her computer chair and cook some homemade meals more often and not only when I get sick.
6. I have a stash! It's under ... What am I thinking? I can't tell you where it is.
7. I'm getting more and more excited about G.A.B.E.. First chance I get I'm going to figure out my giveaway.

I have received this beautiful award so many times that I can't keep track of who I've passed it on any longer. If you don't have it, please accept it from me and if anybody asks, tell them I gave it to you.
* * *
The same goes for the Sunshine Award. I am grateful to both Darwin and The Booker Man for re-awarding me. A blog cannot have enough of those! Thank you my furiends. As I said earlier, please add this to your blog and if anybody asks... you got it.
Don't neglect to check out the fabulous job Darwin and Booker Man did posting their award. I'm not giving you the post links because I know you are going to have fun looking for them. 
* * *
My fantastic furiends at Kissa-Bull are having quite a year. So many things are happening at their place. I've followed them every step of the way and I love how they handle even some not-so-easy situations. I was most touched by the latest development with their recent adoption, Tiger. You can read the story HERE (skip over the GABE stuff and get to the happiest part of the post). Kissa-Bull gave me the Friends Forever Award. You said it first, but I'll confirm: Friends forever!

* * *
I was most honored to receive the first ever Feisty Three Award! It is very appropriately called the Extreme Feistiness Award. Indiana, Shingo, and Molly sure are prime examples of exuberance and determination. Check out the one, the only, the first ever (drumroll)
Create your own banner at!
It's sparkly too! Thank you my furiends. I will cherish this forever. 

This concludes this week's award ceremony.

Links accepted as of Wednesday the 31st and will be posted in the order received on Thursday the 1st

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chihuahua Photo Tagged--Again

The photo tag is making its rounds apparently, because I've been tagged again. The rules are as follows:
1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo
3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it
4. Tag 5 more people

Well, since I only have one first photo folder and it still contains the same tenth photo, here's the link to my last Photo Tag

Have a nice day! (jokey-jokey)

On a second and more serious thought, I was glad I got picked to participate again by Zoolatry, the creator of the G.A.B.E. badge, but I had to pick a different photo. I tried to remain true to the principal, so I arbitrarily picked the tenth photo of  my last photo-shoot; an album I hadn't even had a chance to look at. I was excited to find that my tenth photo was the following:

Coincidentally, I counted 10 dogs in this photo
all are dog adoption pups right out of the streets and the animal shelter
I spot lots of chihuahua pups, a couple of blue heeler pups, and a couple of doxie pups

This was taken yesterday morning. It was taken at the barn I'm always talking about. It was so windy that nobody could go riding so instead they played with us. Who is "us" though?  I noticed many of you are confused by all the dog adoption participants. The bipeds are of various backgrounds and ages, but they have one thing in common: They are all for rescuing critters; mostly dogs, but just about anything alive and in need can find at least a foster home through our barn folks. There are many bipeds that ride at our barn, at least 20 and they're all active in not only giving but also finding forever homes. Each biped's home has between two to over ten critters living in their homes. That's how come you see so many adoptions. I can also tell you that for the time being, M is trying to "be good" and help with placements and donations only--let's see how long this will last. 

Let the tagging continue! 
1. Stella & Ali Zophia--I have much to say about these wonderful furiends but I'll do it some other time in detail.
2. Benny and Lily--BOL! You quack me up.  
3. My beloved XXL furiend Darwin, who is so sensitive and caring. I'm thinking of her constantly recently because she's got a booboo and I hope it heals by itself, fast. 
4. The belles over at Houndstooth. You can help them with their fashion quandary when you visit. 
5. The Feisty Three--They're feisty alright and since I'm ornery, we're a good match. 

Every time I post about the multiple dog adoption barn, I want to scream, adopt a dog, adopt a pet, just ... adopt!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chiweenie Friday (11) | Dog Obedience Training

Twinkie: Do it! You skipped yesterday.
Frankie: I don't wanna.
Twinkie: You fought for this post, so just do it!
Frankie: Do I have to? Will you help me?
Twinkie: Yes, you do. Maybe a little.
Frankie: But it's embarrassing and it's Saturday too.
Twinkie: I know, but you asked for it.
Frankie: Fine...

Hello dear furiends. Frankie The Chiweenie here. I'm back again. I would have loved to talk to you about my hikes and the nice smells, and the-- Oh, well. Twinkie's making me tell you about dog obedience training. School sucks, or so I'm recently starting to think.

Remember how well I did in my last dog obedience training class? I was pawesome; I got a certificate and a star on my forehead, and I made mommy proud of me, and you all congratulated me... Remember? Well that was my last class. I started a new one. It's not going too well.

At first I sat on momma's lap on the floor
I'm trying to become a canine good citizen, but it's not that easy

So Mommy decided to take me to puppy play time. She said something about "socialization". There were three cute puppies in this class.
I growled at all of them!
I couldn't help myself, I got scared

They weren't scared at all
They had fun

Lots of fun

They had so much fun they're all blurry

They even had treats together

I watched them have fun and treats

I promise to try harder next time, Mommy. I will even let you groom me. I will also work hard for my canine good citizen certificate. 

Twinkie: See it wasn't that bad, was it Frankie?
Frankie: I guess it wasn't. I feel a little less bad actually. Tee hee.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Chihuahua Inspirationz

I was reading my furiends' blogs this morning when one of them in particular caught my attention. It was Life With Dogs. If you haven't been there, I have to warn you, it's very scary. Apparently, poor Nigel has to pose as a... gazelle! True thing, furiends. Check it out if you don't believe me! Wild Dogs, Pt. 1 I kept trying to push past that when OMD it got even worse. Poor Nigel was now compared to a stink bug! After a quick chuckle--I was over my initial shock--I got to thinking.

Strangely, I too get compared to a gazelle or a deer just like Nigel.

Even more strangely, just like Nigel, I'm often called "a bug"
Specifically, a doodle bug. Anybody know what that is?
I also get called "dancing cockroach" and "la cucaracha" as in the bug, not the song

See, furiends, inspiration can hit you at any given moment. I went from absolute shock and horror to imitation. (You should be flattered, Nigel)

On the other hand, Nigel and I got off lucky. We didn't have to endure the debasement Puddles had to endure (BOL). Check out this lookalike! My condolences, Puddles.

* * *

Speaking of inspiration, have you guys visited the Country Corgis recently? They are promoting a great cause and they tagged me. For the record: I was inspired before I got tagged. The organization they're supporting is the Children's Miracle Network, a non profit that raises funds for children's hospitals. 

Hershey's will donate to the Children's Miracle Network $10 for every blog post about this blog-hopping event that ends on April 4th. So, everybody feel free and encouraged to join Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop and help raise $5,000 for the Children's Miracle Network. 

Copy and paste these rules to your blog post:
Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
Leave your link at comment section.
Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

I'm going to start with my good furiend Mabel at Creekhiker. Mabel wants her own boy; A real human peanut to play with. You might as well start out by helping out these boys, Mabel.
My furiend Mayzie's blog gets a basket as well. I've only know her and her Brudder Ranger for a short while, but I certainly appreciate how sharp and eloquent their blog and comments are.
I have two more new furiends you guys may want to visit. They're the crazy Auggie and Riley, both rescues and both rather mischievous. Their blog is called The Boodee Boodah Tribe and they make a lovely addition to our animal blogdom.

* * *
Last I would like to mention an email I recently received. It was from somebody I didn't know and I was skeptical at first. They had posted an article they asked me to share. Hmm, what's up with that? Well, I checked out the article and found it to be very informative and I think you will all find it rather interesting. The title is "10 Amazing Ways Dogs Have Helped Advance Medicine". We all know how important we are, but it's nice to have that knowledge recognized and appreciated! Check it out!

Feel free to take a nap after this looong post. I'm going to need two naps myself. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Dog Adoption

Dino was his nam-o!

So adorable!
We think he's about a year and a half old and some type of chihuahua mix. He's fresh out of the animal shelter. He's very submissive and has a soft white stripe running up and down his face. 

Nice, huh? 
Another emaciated pup...

I had to test sniff Dino first
I liked him right away!

Frankie liked him okay, but she was a bit afraid of him
He was a bit afraid of Frankie

Our barn furiend Louie aka Nugget, another chihuahua,
came over to give us his seal of approval

The sniffing ceremony

As you can see, Dino fit right in with my family
So we took a family portrait

Dino is in good hands now and he has a pawesome forever home.
Dod adoption accomplished! No more animal shelter for this little chihuahua mix. You don't have to worry about him one bit
Unless my sissy chokes him, of course

And I still want to tell you a little story about Louie... soon. He's quite the character.

* * * 

Delightful Blogs, placed GABE's logo on their homepage to help spread the word. On behalf of all of us who want to participate, thank you. Now of course, had I made the badge DB would probably not have offered. Phew, I'm so glad the ZH from Zoolatry did it! 


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coin Operated Chihuahua

Coin Operated Chi


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Horse Show | Most Shocking News (Part Deux)

I noticed from Sunday's comments that most of you were upset with the golf cart lady who claimed Frankie was "her Lily," so I'm going to get right to it. She did it again, yesterday. Less drama, less dust, less of everything. She took Frankie over to visit her other dog adoption, with who Frankie supposedly had spent a few days. Frankie did not like that one bit. No recognition, zip. That took the wind out of the lady's sails and she promptly returned Frankie to M and me saying she approved of the way we took care of her. Pfffft No comment. Now, if M wants to get Frankie's DNA tested so we can find out her breed, fine. If not, we really couldn't care less. No matter how much I trash talk my sissy, I love her, and that's the truth.

Frankie can't stand being away from M and me

She wants to be close to us all the time

She is MY sister
No lady's gonna change that
(Jazzi, I am watching over her, like you asked)

Meanwhile, back by the horse stalls....

Remember the prisoners?
(Yes, Norwood, that's Holly, the blue heeler, on the top floor)

They escaped!
(I lead them to a burrito)

The horseback riding lessons paid off. Rider-Sister was champion of the equitation division and qualified for a couple of end of the year medal finals during this horse show. M was misty eyed as usual. She's very proud of both her peanuts!
This is Ringo!

There's been a new barn adoption, but I will share that with you next time. I think I'm crazy for the new guy--no worries Gunther, we're just furiends.
I would like to leave you on a happy note. My furiend, Boomer, the chihuahua, would like to sing for you (woo, for the sibes)

La la la

Wait! What's that?

Frankie's praying

I told her to stop worrying. The lady wasn't taking her away, not as long as I was around. We left shortly after this photo was taken. To be continued...


Monday, March 22, 2010

GABE for Dummies

As we're nearing the start of our first annual Global Animal Blogging Event, I have the feeling I need to review the rules. There aren't many, so bare with me.
{You're getting very sleepy, you're relaxing your tails, your ears are perking up, and you are getting more focused. Here we go!}

Spread the word!!! It'll make all the difference for all of us participating. 

***I have broken us down into two groups. Group A, the Active participants and Group P, the Passive participants. Both groups get to have fun. Here's how.

GROUP A: Active

Before March 31st: place the badge  on your sidebar linking to the GABE page (you can find the badge, code and instructions inside the GABE page--second tab up top, and that's how you help spread the word)

On or after March 31st, post about GABE and use the badge/logo in that post. Tell us why you're participating and what you're willing to give away. Tell us anything you like. You can have one or more prizes and it's all up to you. Here's a link to one of my posts when I participated in a similar event (start reading after the huge "Thank You") You only post ONCE for our event.
TIP: After your GABE post, life in blogland continues as usual. You keep posting the way you desire, once a day, once a week, Wordless Wednesday... Remember, the participants will only have your GABE post link. After that it's their choice if they wan to explore around more.

Email me the link to that specific post. That's the link I'm going to use for our new furiends to find you. My email: twinkietinydogATaolDOTcom

Visit the GABE page and Start clicking on the participant list of links to find new critters and their giveaways. Leave a comment under each GABE post you visit if you want to be eligible to win.

On April 18th, pick your winner or winners, depending on what you're decided. You can use any unbiased method to pick your winner. I prefer using RANDOM but that's just me. You now have to A. Notify the winner(s) by Monday, April 19th and then mail away your giveaway. That's it!

GROUP P: Passive

Starting April 1st, follow Step 5. That's that!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Any questions? I'll closely read your comments, as usual, and then, depending on how clear you all are I'll either reply individually or do a Q&A type of post tomorrow.

Let's make this a memorable event!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Horse Show | Most Shocking News

I was at a horse show with Frankie having a swell time. I was attached to the chiweenie all day, but we had fun; at least I did.

Most importantly, we got to move around and be social, unlike the prisoners below.


The weather was nice and M didn't even try to put dog clothes on me, an extra bonus. My sister rode most excellently in the horse show, another plus. M forgot our dog food, so we got to eat her food, another positive experience. By now, I bet you're wondering: What was so shocking? 

As we're having a leisurely and fun day, a golf cart approaches, breaks screeching, dust all over the place, and this lady is pointing her finger at Frankie screaming, "That's MY dog. That's MY Lilly." At this point, I was like "Whoa, lady, that's MY sister" but M's interest was piqued. Frankie's kneecaps were shaking.
The lady insisted that she adopted "Lily" out of an animal shelter, but then she changed her mind. She said she does that a lot. She does a dog adoption and then changes her mind and passes the dogs on to others. No judgment on our part, because obviously she makes sure the dogs find homes. Guess what else she told us! Frankie is NOT a Chiweenie. The lady was pretty sure that Frankie is a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. Is Frankie, Francesca?


Have you ever heard of a Chitalian Greyhound? An Italian Greyhuahua

What's up with that? I am going to further look into these allegations tomorrow. Wish me luck. And of course, make somebody's life better, adopt a dog!

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