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Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 Doxie Pups, A Pug, and a Chi | St. Patrick's Day Double Date

Gunther, the pug, Frankie, and his girrrrls, Penny and Ruby, the doxie pups, and I, the tea cup chihuahua

We decided to start our celebrations early, fully intending on going to bed at a decent time so that we could get up and work on our blogs the following day, today. Gunther, kept calling me his "hot tamale" and tried to give me a beautiful green clover, but it was too heavy. Frankie wore his special hat to impress his girrrls, even though there's no question about it: they love him already. As for him, he's head over heels. He even told me his dad calls him "kitty paddled" BOL

At first we all felt a bit awkward. We've been furiends for so long, but we had never had a gathering like this one before. Frankie and his girrrls went in the back room, since they're by now familiar with each other, but Gunther and I stayed in the front room in awkward silence. He didn't look at me once, except for when I offered him a piece of stew. Ugh..He also kept sticking his tongue out at me, which I find rude. I'm afraid this date will never end. 

We decided to barhop and ended here. By now I was hiding behind Frankie to get away from Gunther. The doxie girrrls realized that and graciously decided to loan out their date for a short while. They modeled their beautiful collar covers. Don't they look gorgeous? The pug did strike a pose as well. He's so good looking, too bad he's still guarding his real feelings. Maybe he was traumatized by another Chi-girl when he was younger. 
As for Frankie, as you can see, he's so caring that he even brought his oil lamp, fully realizing the risk to his beautiful furs. That is love!

Several bars and pints of green beer later, we finally loosened up. My pug, Gunther was hilarious, a quality I find most attractive in a man. He even laughed at my jokes. After closing, Frankie, the long haired doxie, and I jumped over the bar and kept on pouring. We were all having a blast and did not want the night to end. 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. It was early the next morning (today) we finally decided to call it a quits. Frankie escorted the girrrls home--but check out the expression on his face! I wonder what he's got in his mind... Gunther did his best not to get drunk. He started drinking Tequila a while back in preparation; however, he did get a little tipsy and had to sit down for a moment. I called 1-800-GOOD-SAMARITAN and they gave me a lift.

Thanks furiends! I had the best St Patrick's Day ever. What are you doing for Easter?


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