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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kitten Pictures | Spay and Neuter

Remember the newborn kittens? They are five months old already. We knew that they would get spayed and neutered even before they were born. My family and I are advocates. M was a wreck. She hates taking her precious pets in to get surgery, but as much as she doesn't sleep the night before, she knows it's a good thing. As a matter of fact, originally we kept the momma cat because the person who wanted her refused to spay her. Of course, after the first few weeks of her living with us, she became part of the family and M couldn't part with her any longer. It all worked out for the best. The cat family has formed a close bond. They were even taken for their surgery together. They were also picked up together the following day.

They are still a rather united cat tribe. They function like a group. Sure, the mom occasionally hisses and even growls at her kittens, but she is also very protective and affectionate with them most of the time. She has completely accepted all of us dogs, from the largest to the naughtiest. Project cats and dogs united, copleted. We're an integrated home. Seven cats and four dogs, who would have thought! The outdoor cat enclosure helps a lot, with any crowding issues, plus all the cats absolutely love it out there. They take in the sun's rays, roll on their backs, trim their claws on actual tree trunks, and enjoy their fresh supply of cat grass that M has planted for them. Sometimes, little Pedro, the chihuahua puppy joins them out there, and that's when the laid back kittens jump up to higher levels where they cannot be reached; that's an accurate statement about most, but not all cats. Charlie, the tuxedo kitten remains Pedro's best friend. The two are inseparable and play well together. We can't wait until the kittens are over ten months old and get introduced to catnip. We wonder about the catnip effects and how the kittens will react to it.

Lil' Mama weighs 7lbs, the tuxedo kitten (Charlie, M's favorite) is 8lbs, the pointed kitten (Gigi Smudge) 7.4lbs, and the runt, the calico kitten named Puddles, weighs 6lbs.

Kitten pictures:

 Even after her spay surgery, Lil' Mama remains quite intense.

 We lucked out. While we (the dogs) don't like the deer antlers, Charlie is really fond of them.

 Puddles still spends her days lounging about looking pretty. She only gets upset when someone takes away her mirror.

The Smudge! A rather flighty almost feral kitten nobody likes to mess with.

Be kind, considerate, and responsible: Spay and neuter your pets!

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