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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AKC Canine Good Citizen Exam

The moment you've all been waiting for! Roxie's Canine Good Citizen exam was this past Monday and the verdict is in! But first, I would personally like to thank you for all the encouraging, funny, and warm comments you all left for Roxie on my last post. I printed them out and handed them to Roxie's mom (handler) right before they were to take the exam, just around the time Roxie's mom mentioned that she felt she was about to take her SAT.

We kept up the tradition of the last Canine Good Citizen helping out with the next dog's exam. Frankie had to work not just with Roxie, but with three dogs. 
She was a trooper. Brave chiweenie!

Molly passed the canine good citizen test with flying colors.
She's a rescue dog. She wondered off the streets on her own into her new forever home.
Congratulations Molly, on your certification and your choice in homes.

This is Pete. Another rescue dog.
He was awesome. His least favorite part was "supervised separation". He missed his handler, but he behaved, therefore he too passed.
Maybe the chiweenie brings good luck.

Our beloved Roxie.
Notice the star on her pretty brindle boston terrier face.
She sure passed, no doubts about it. She was on her best behavior ever!
We're really proud of our Roxie. 
Despite the fact that her's is considered a "hyper" breed, and despite the fact that she's one of the youngest canines to pass the test, at 8 months, she was awesome!

Wait a minute! What's this about?
After she passed, Roxie tried to make friends with Frankie, once again.
While Frankie wasn't too pleased about it, she wasn't too upset either. 
Frankie and Roxie have a play-date scheduled in the near future. (BOL)

Roxie's mommy brought the chiweenie the best dog treat the brindle spaz had ever seen.
She didn't complain. She chose instead to delicately lick it.
Thank you Roxie and mommy. I had some too, and so did Linguini, and we still have some left. We're painfully aware of the dangers associated with dog obesity.

Roxie and Frankie had the same trainer. I have to tell you, both of them were not easy cases. Both were on the young side, particularly Roxie, and both had some difficult issues to work on. Neither would have made it without the help of one caring troubleshooting trainer. Our trainer is the best. She didn't just help with Roxie and Frankie, she helped with their handlers too, and only using positive reinforcement. Thank you Cyndy!

Congratulations Class of July 2010!

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