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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dachshund Pictures

We went to the horse barn again the other day. The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining and there was a gentle cool breeze keeping us all at the perfect temperature. I love going to the horse barn and watching my human sissy take horse back riding lessons. I like visiting with dozens of rescue dogs like myself. What I wasn't counting on, was Dexter the doxie. He took my pack by surprise.

Dexter approached us in his playful doxie manner

His playful doxie ears were a testament to his intentions

He tried to engage both Frankie and me in play, yeah right...

Persistent lil' doxie

Never before seen photo op
I'm playing! I guess I like playing. 

OMD! Frankie's actually playing too!

Even Dexter's brother, Owen joined us all.
What a blast!

The two siblings stalked us from afar

Dexter played hide and seek with me
I'm telling you, even I am shocked looking at these fun dachshund pictures!

Finally, Dexter got the chiweenie on her back

And then he posed for this photo victoriously (with a tiny leaf hanging from the corner of his sweet doxie mouth)

I set things straight

Playtime was over
I spot squinty chiweenie eyes and a pink tongue
Frankie was exhausted

It was one of the best days I have ever spent at our horse barn. I hope you enjoyed my dachshund pictures and the fun times I shared with you. 


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