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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chiweenie Birthday Hike

Frankie asked to go to our beloved Arroyo Seco for her chiweenie birthday and we all more than happily obliged. It was our first time out after the floods. 

All three of us ...
... wait, where am I going?

I thought I thaw a bunny wabbit, wrong.

We decided to do our kangaroo leaps of joy!

Isn't my sissy getting good at this?

The spotted kangaroo!

As we were hopping around having a wonderful day, we saw THIS!
What kind of a creature is that? 

Linguini took charge, she's the eldest.

Sniff, sniff

Hmm, I can see the wheels in Linguini's head turning
The german shorthaired pointer part of the mix

She saved us!!!

Thanks to Linguini's chivalrous act, we were all able to head home safely. Thank you, Linguini, for saving the day. 


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