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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Dane Darwin Does L.A.

Darwin's parents are out of town and I thought she might need some distraction along with some good company. A couple of days ago, Darwin, who is a great dane and a very caring gal, read in my comments that I was virtually enjoying her playtime. I woke up to THIS:
See me? 
Here we all are: Darwin, Remi, Nala, and Mini-Me. I had a ball. I loved Seattle. Remi's an old pal so we had fun fooling around as usual, only in person this time. Meeting Nala, the rhodesian ridgeback, was a bit problematic. She didn't see me. Huh! No problem, I marched right to her blog and took care of the problem. We're furiends now. 
As you know, I'm used to riding horses, because of my regular horseback riding lessons, so I was able to show off my balancing techniques (no stirrups and bareback!). Well, now that Darwin's all alone, I wanted to reciprocate and take care of her for a change. I invited her over to my yard for Chihuawars (chihuahua wars, duh). The sweetheart came right over:
See her?

Note for Darwin: The joke's on me, kk? I sincerely hope you had a nice time playing Chihuawars with us. 
I better hurry now because I get the feeling I'm going to France real soon...
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