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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Dog Adoption

Dino was his nam-o!

So adorable!
We think he's about a year and a half old and some type of chihuahua mix. He's fresh out of the animal shelter. He's very submissive and has a soft white stripe running up and down his face. 

Nice, huh? 
Another emaciated pup...

I had to test sniff Dino first
I liked him right away!

Frankie liked him okay, but she was a bit afraid of him
He was a bit afraid of Frankie

Our barn furiend Louie aka Nugget, another chihuahua,
came over to give us his seal of approval

The sniffing ceremony

As you can see, Dino fit right in with my family
So we took a family portrait

Dino is in good hands now and he has a pawesome forever home.
Dod adoption accomplished! No more animal shelter for this little chihuahua mix. You don't have to worry about him one bit
Unless my sissy chokes him, of course

And I still want to tell you a little story about Louie... soon. He's quite the character.

* * * 

Delightful Blogs, placed GABE's logo on their homepage to help spread the word. On behalf of all of us who want to participate, thank you. Now of course, had I made the badge DB would probably not have offered. Phew, I'm so glad the ZH from Zoolatry did it! 


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