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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dog Photo Contest | We're Going to Decorate the Twink!

I bet you all know by now that I've been obsessing about Biggie Z's Dog Pile Contest, a dog photo contest with an extra challenge, for a while now. I've visited your posts, made jokes of your attempts, challenged you, teased you... And now, it's time for you to have at it.

This is how it all started. A bit of human dialogue as overheard by me:
Mother (matter of fact): We're going to decorate the Twink.
Daughter (clueless): Huh?
Mother (exasperated): You know, for the Big Pile dog photo contest, an event sanctioned by the Mango Minster 2010.
Daughter (more clueless and slightly concerned): Huh?
Mother (fed up): Oh, just hold the camera!
Daughter (obviously worried about Mother): HUH?
Mother (unwavering): Take some photos, go on, 'cause ya never know with the Twink.

After her last statement, Mother approached me holding an enormous (okay, small) basket in her hand. Oh, boy, I thought and lied on my side. I thought of all my furiends who meditate and practice yoga and I started to relax.

What do you mean, I don't look relaxed?

Momma proceeded to adorn me, not with love this time.

And this is what they did to me!

And this!

And this!

My Official Dog Photo Contest Entry

Name: Twinkie
Breed: Definitely confused Chi byproduct
Approximate size: Tiny, duh! Okay, surface square footage, 8x3 feet (inches) lying on my long side. Weight, just under 4lbs on a good day and after a big meal. I am however impressively tall for my size.
NOT PHOTOSHOPPED, although we did enlarge my photo a bit, for the judge's sake

***Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during the photo-shoot, really.

TA-DA! for all the skeptics out there

List of items:
1. teapot lid (on my head)
2. compass
3. pool cue chalk
4. horse-drawn carriage
5. large watch
6, 7: teacups
8,9: teacup plates
10: coffee pot
11: water jug
12: emery nail stick
13: lock
14: floss
15: thimble
16: other floss
17, 18: skateboards

I would kindly ask Your Honor to take into consideration the extreme difficulty level of my brave undertaking due to my challenged size and my TDPD (Tiny Dog Personality Disorder)

Muchas gracias and good luck to all!

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