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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Family Portraits--Our Ancestors

Today's post has been inspired by my loose interpretation of Bijou's Wordless Wednesdays. As you may know by now, my family consists of adopted animals; a bunch of mismatched members, picked off the streets, with little known history. We call ourselves The Misfits. Well, it's time for us to write our own history. Let's hit it, Frankie, Linguini, Bob, Jet, and Max!

We think this is a distant aunt of Frankie's. Her name was Tiny Links.
She's a chiweenie of course

This is Max's cousin, from his mother's side of the family, and his name is Mini.
The maine coon cat has not evolved at all  

Linguini's Great Aunt Ziti. 
The resemblance is astonishing. They match each other spot for spot!

Bob's relative and we'll leave it at that. 

While conducting the search for our relatives, I stumbled upon this picture. Apparently there's a long tradition of ITs terrorizing young chiweenie puppies. 

This, I can't explain.

While we're still working on verifying the authenticity of this photo, it has to be my relative. Check out the uniqueness of the leap, the grace, the determination. Apparently us Twinkersons can fly over water too. I am proud to be a Twinkerson and a tea cup chihuahua. 

I hope you enjoyed this trip down our past. If you need me to, I'll be happy to research your relatives too. I'm getting good at this. 

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