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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dog Training Tips | Barn Trouble

There is this street, adjacent to the barn that my pack and I frequent. Mom has repeatedly asked, begged, screamed at us not to cross because she's worried about the occasional car that passes by. I am a good listener, but Frankie and Linguini aren't and I can prove it. Here's the story in pictures:

See the runaways scram back once they've been spotted by our momma? How about the tiny dot in the right corner? That's right. It's me, the tea cup chihuahua, Twinkie, aka the good girl.

Yes, you are correct. I'm getting ready to teach somebody a lesson. Tsk tsk. Why don't they listen? I've heard that dalmatians have hearing issues, but what about german shorthaired pointers? I'm trying to decide which part of Linguini's personality makes her ignore our mom. 

I wouldn't get closer to me, if I were Frankie, the chiweenie. Hmm...There's Linguini too, but she's still kind of far.

Plus she's much bigger than I am. Al-righty then, today, I'm going to only teach Frankie a lesson. And so I did.

Enough dog training tips for now. 
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