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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Moochie And Company, Weather Tech Jacket | Product Review

My name is Twinkie and I hate dog apparel! As a matter of fact, I have to attend AA (Apparel Anonymous) meetings once a week. I was really excited to receive a package from Moocie and Company. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find out it was: dog clothes! M said I'd like them, and I said I wouldn't. Next thing I know, she had me on her lap and was dressing me. As I was struggling to stop her, I noticed the proud chiweenie, Frankie, waiting her turn. She loves dog clothes.

Well, as I like to say: always listen to your parents. M was right again. My beautiful jacket gets my seal of approval. As far as small dog clothes go, I admit, the weather tech jacket by Moochie and Company, took me by surprise. I can prove it.

Not only do I feel comfortable and beautiful, my jacket is waterproof, wind resistant, and it has a warm soft fleece interior that does not irritate my delicate diva skin.
Also, the reflective pipping, makes me visible at night, when I prefer to jog (away from the pup-arazzi).

My sissy likes the fact that she can do her business in comfort.

 "Hey, puppy. You're not wearing your Moochie weather tech jacket. Go away."
(Please pardon the interruption)

 I have no problem stalking with my jacket on.

Nor play bitey face.

 My weather tech jacket allows me ease of movement, so I can dig easily.

I can also play tug-of-stick with great ease.

Frankie and I feel like models.

I give the weather tech jacket four out of four paws up.

If you are a small dog, check out these small dog clothes, I think you will like them too.


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