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Pet Photo Contest: Furry Tails

Pet Photo Contest Poles Open
Poles Close on Sunday, October 25th
Winners Announced on this blog: Tuesday, October 27th

Please vote for no more than FIVE hineys per pack member and/or family member!

 1. Benny
French Bulldog
Benny- I wish I had a piece of cheese.

 2. Lily
French Bulldog
Lily-Get my ball please.

 3. Yoda Heltman
GSD/Black Lab
Dad is always taking poopy shots of me and this time I managed to hide behind a tree so all you see is my furry tail.

 4. Zeus, Teutul, LOLA, Sophie
All 4 are mixed breeds, rescues
L-R Zeus, Teutul, Lola and Sophie ... their Mama likes big Mutts and she does not care...

 5. Bella
Beagle/JRT mix
This is Bella's signature pose...
 6. Rambo
Althoughhe is small he has heart of a lion he is so protective over his owners and love us with his whole life every time i look at this picture i can see bravery and guts i love my chihuahua!

 7. Kiwi and Cupcake
Golden Retriever & German Shepherd
Thanks for another fun contest. I can't wait to see the rest of the entries.

 8. Mayzie
Hey there, Mr. Chipmunk! Wanna play?

 9. Oskar
Miniature Schnauzer
Here's a shot of my nubbin tail. It was already cut off when my people picked me out when I was 1 day old!

 10. Vindicator

 11. Mango
I do not believe any comment is required. It is all Mango. It is all good.

 12. Dexter (PeeWee)
This is my bottom. It is very muscular.
 13. Loki
German Shepherd Formosan Dog ie: Cracker Cujo
Hineys are the best part of a doggie!

 14. Yoda and Brutus
Mom caught us doing one of our favorite things - guarding the front door from the outside world. That is me, Yoda, on the left and my brother Brutus on the right.
 15. Asa
english pointer/pittie mix
 16. The Booker Man
Yellow Lab
 17. Lola and Franklin
Shar Pei
Tails of the Backside - Pei style

 18. Coco
Oh, the sun feels so nice on my boo-tay. I did a whole post about butts and butts only.

 19. Darwin
Great Dane
Darwin's tail swishing booty for your enjoyment!

 20. Beau
Border Collie
Beau's floofy rear end on the run!
 21. Roxie
Boston Terror
A canine good citizen's heat exhausted hiney.

22. Frankie Furter
Here is my Bummer Shot for Twinkie's Contesticle.

 23. Cussin Francine
In Frankie's words: I didn't even bother to tell her that our butts were supposed to be all NEKKID in this contest. 

 24. Tucker
Great Dane
Hey Twinkie, I hopes you enjoy the picture of my nicely sculpted buttox. I do lotsa lunges... or is that lounging? Well, I do one of those.

 25. Jude
Deputy Dog
What do you mean "other end"?
 26. Ruby
Who's got the cutest butt now, Puddles?!

 27. Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom
Chorgi (Corgi/Chihuahua/Doxie mix)
Here is Little Dott's entry... We used her full name.

 28. BG from Country Corgis
Chorgi (Corgi/Chihuahua/Doxie mix)
We don't call him "Chunky Butt" for nothing!

 29. Akino
Horse, a mighty jumper
Please ignore the rider's hi-neigh. I know humans are excluded.
 30. The Egg
Miniature rhodesian ridgeback
What do you think of my shar pei tushie?

 31. Gimli from Corgi Country
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Well, we hope you accept NO tails, since your examples showed a few.

32.  Mercy from Country Corgis
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Doesn't she have pretty pantyloons!
 33. Pippin
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pippin's Bunny Butt.
 34. Maggie Mae

 35. Toby Puppy
Golden Retriever

 36. Maggie and Mitch
Airedale Terrier
 37. Khyra
Siberian Fluffy Tail
It's two two two fluffy tails in one!
 38. Hank n' Sue
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Double the pleasure.
 39. Lorenza
Lorenza's furry tail!
 40. Lacie Beast
Lakeland terrier
At least I get off my tushie, unlike the RH....look at the streamlined form, the air obtained...oxygen is needed at these there, Mango!!!

 41. Mack
Boston Terrorist
Hi y'all!
 42. Fudgie
Mixed Breed
We got a group Piappies shot but decided to have Fudgie represent the entry since he is the only one facing the camera!

 43. Norwood
cattle dog terrier mix
The sun couldn't resist my furry tails. It hit me even where it usually doesn't shine!

 44. Puddles
Dis is da one my furiends chose but mum ain't crazy bouts its.
 45. Sallie and Alien
Unknown breed

 46. Nigel Buggers
Don't make me call security.
 47. Pookie
chihuahua beagle
Derek and "Pookie" inseparable, even on the slip n slide!
48. Junior Kitten
Abandoned in Manhattan


* * * The three winners of this contest will receive SeaYu's eco friendly Clean+Green Dog and Cat Carpet and Upholstery aerosol spray can. Our wonderful sponsors at Clean+Green by SeaYu, cannot ship their free giveaways overseas, so they've requested the participants to be from the US and Canada only. If we any of the winners cannot provide an address within those territories, the next runner up gets this wonderful prize.
Happy voting!

The winners were:

Thank you all for your participation!!!
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