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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dog Training tips - Not for the Dog Whisperer

I was reading on Cesar's Way today an article about dog training and obedience. The title was "Will Beg for Food," and I got to thinking, I can't live like that! The article clearly states the following "rules": Do not give food, ignore, don't feel sorry for your dog, and, to make matter worse, be consistent. Yikes! I know M watches the Dog Whisperer's television show, because we all watch it together, but luckily when it comes to raising us, M listens to dog advice but in the end she just follows her instinct.

Exhibit A:
Notice the drool dangling from the corner of my sissy's mouth? 
Why prolong the torture?

What did Cesar Milan mean, but saying Do Not Give Food? Did you guys notice our wide eyes, our pleasure and anticipation? What kind of dog training is that? I beg to differ.

Exhibit B:
Add to the equation our soft pink curled tongues and intensity.

Milan's article tells humans to Ignore. If that's dog training, I want to have none of it. I prefer people training and I believe I am good at it.

Exhibit C:
Ignore this, if you can!

As for the idea of Not Feeling Sorry For Your Dog, another silly dog training tip, I disagree with that strongly. No matter how well-fed we are, and we are thanks to our rescuers and dotting parents, we can always eat more, especially if it comes from the table. Scraps off the table is what Linguini and I live for--Frankie's still learning.

But she's a fast learner!

Dog training tips can be dangerous for us. We need to unite our forces and protest. No more living by the book. Human training is much more fun and relaxing and we have proved it with our blogs. Let's continue on with our tradition and let Mr Milan convert the others. Dog training my... Milan!

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