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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As Dictated By Twinkie From Her Bedside

I'm a STRONG tiny dog. The hospital staff was elated to send me home. I'm not sure if they were more happy that I was not going to be biting them any longer or that they didn't have to have the Rainbow Bridge talk with my mommy. 
On Sunday, when I was first admitted, I was in shock. It doesn't take long for a 4-pound dog to go into shock. Because of my younger friends and blog readers, I cannot go into details about my symptoms. I did lose a loot of blood though. I was dehydrated and my proteins were low. I did go into shock one more time while I was hooked up to the IV, but my good doctor got me well again. He hand-fed me baby food and when I started to feel better the two of us went for a stroll.

I really must rest now, but I had to share the good news with y'all.

THANK YOU for all your kind wishes and the crossing of all those paws ...


Twinkie aka Lazarus
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