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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clean+Green by SeaYu | Product Review

A product review for animal lovers made by animal lovers who also care about our environment. Review o-ver. Okay, maybe not so fast.

Two characteristics of our times are the increasing environmental consciousness and an obvious trend to really care for animals. Clean+Green targets the eco-friendly pet lover. Welcome to the animal blog-dom SeaYu! Where were you all this time?

Clean+Green's eco friendly products come in a variety of formulas, each product ozone safe, water soluble, biodegradable, and free of fragrances and masking agents. It is pet, child, and environment safe. Clean+Green is non-toxic, non-carinogenic, and is recyclable.

I'm writing this review from the standpoint of a rather large mixed cat dog household. Why is that so special? Not only are there ten pets sharing one roof (not including periodical rescues and fosters), but as we all know, cats and dogs don't always get along. The way this is mostly manifested is by MARKING! Every new fur-ball introduced to a mixed household necessitates the use of hard labor on the humans' part. So far, since my house is predominately "green", I've been using vinegar to neutralize pet urine at it's root. I do not like using harsh chemicals, on the other hand, I did cave in and bought ... whatever they sold at the local pet store. Not only did I feel guilty, most products didn't even work the way the label said.

As I type away, most of my furniture is outdoors, on the patio chairs. The cats went wild recently when I tried to introduce a family of four to the existing pack and tribe. There was little blood shed. There was lots of urine however. Now, as many animal lovers, I've been accused of overdoing it. I do not like to be criticized, so I made it one of my life's missions to get those people to zip it. The one thing that I focus on is odors! Whenever a friend stops by, they are put under the sniff test. I ask them to sniff hard and tell me if there are any lingering odors. So far, I've managed, yet, most of my furniture ended on the covered patio.

I had washed my couch pillows and extra large seat cushions with detergent. Sprayed them with products, used harsh chemicals, odor neutralizers . . . and ultimately, I still had to leave everything outdoors for a prolonged period of time, just to be safe.

After treating my urine soaked pillows with Clean+Green Carpet and Upholstery, I saw the difference.
 SeaYu Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover

The directions on the spray can were clear: spray the affected area so that it is wet but not soaked. Clean+Green works by making contact with the odor. I knew I couldn't do just that. My problem had penetrated deeply. So, I soaked the pillows. The next morning we had lots of rain and the cushions were still wet. As soon as the sun came up the third day, I was stunned to find out that the urine odor was gone!

I love animals. I can't imagine life without my extended furry family, but I realize that without the proper product, my home too was bound to fall victim to nasty pet odors. Today, I am grateful say that I have finally found a product that works the way it claims while it is eco friendly.

The Clean+Green website has a store locator and lots of extra information. I also found that I can buy Clean+Green through Amazon, and I've already placed my next order.

What rating would I give Clean+Green by SeaYu? Almost a perfect ten. I'm very picky and found the aerosol spray to be a tad messy. This won't stop me from using this product in the future. I'm also going to order their Clean+Green Litter Box Cleaner and odor remover for extra clean air in my home. Another product I'm definitely getting as soon as possible, is their De-Skunk coat cleaner. There's a skunk living in my back yard and it's only a matter of time before my dogs get skunked, again.

I like being clean and green. How about you?

Clean+Green is so enthusiastic, proud, and sure about the performance of their product, that they offered to be the sponsors of our next pet photo contest. Three lucky winners get to see how well Clean+Green works.

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