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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tall As a Tree

There are plenty of tall folks out there living a normal life, but our M always seems to run into issues that extend beyond her clumsiness. She's a rather tall gal surrounded by tree climbing cats. Recently she thought she was viscously attacked by Farrah, the pregnant cat we were supposed to foster. A careful breakdown of the situation and after talking to many cat savvy persons said otherwise. Farrah did not attack M. She tried to climb up her long leg. That was quite a relief.
Having just recently established that  M's leg doubles as a tree trunk, we were more entertained rather than shocked when Hank, the rhodesian ridgeback, a dog, got confused just like Farrah, the cat. 

The evidence is worth a thousand dog treats:

M's trunk


I asked M not to wash her pants that were saturated with the aroma of my guy, but for some reason, she didn't listen to me this time. I guess I need to train her better. 

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