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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Dog Diarrhea "Treatment"

Ever since I was rescued, I've been sufferining from chronic recurring dog diarrhea. It sucked. There were long periods when I wasn't be able to eat, heck, I didn't want to eat. At 2lbs, my family would freak out and go out of their way to find something to stuff down my throat. The dog vet prescribed medications including antibiotics. Yuck! I didn't want my GI system to be slowed down. I wanted to be left alone.  Yet, every now and then, I'd be rushed to the emergency clinic for IV fluids. Those first couple of years, I was simply miserable, until I doubled my weight. At that point, M, with my help, adopted a new way of thinking: She left me alone. I weighed almost 4lbs and she felt I could afford it. I was grateful. My bouts with dog diarrhea didn't last too long. In my case, I just needed to rest and wait it out.

As of this past weekend, things have taken a new turn. Having recently gotten my pack mates and me yöghund frozen yogurt, she'd done extensive research during which she found out that yöghund was organic, low in calories, and contained good bacteria to aid in the digestion and to boost the immune system. So, when she heard my tummy growling, the first unmistakable sign that I'm suffering from upset intestines and diarrhea, instead of leaving me alone, she brought me a yöghund for breakfast!

Believe me, I had no qualms downing an entire cup of delicious frozen yogurt!

I scooped out every last drop!

It does not seem that yöghund spead up my recovery by much, but what it did is provide me with a good and healthy meal that gave me enough energy to make it though the day without the usual listlessness that used to plague me. Yoghund is not a dog diarrhea treatment per se, but it aided me. I even went on a dog hike!

I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying this new dog treat. The nice folks over at Yöghund read my last post and said they'd be sending me some coupons, but my freezer's already stocked up. I'm going to be sharing them with my readers. Stay tuned.

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