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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Little Pedro, "El Diablo", is still convinced he is a Great Dane. My mom says he's a rat-cha (a fancy way to say, mutt, or  rat terrier and chihuahua mix), but I say that this particular rat-cha derives from the word cuba-RACHA (BOL) In any case, Pedro will never learn, and here's just a bit of proof:

He has no fear of those ginormous toothsies

He will throw himself in the middle of a large dog brawl without a second thought
(not sure he thinks much about anything)

As for the rest of us...
I'll let the Frankie the brindle Chiweenie to express how we feel:
Ay, Caramba! This rat will never learn!

Tsk, tsk...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Remington Stole Our Hearts FUREVER...

A devout Vikings fan

A big one has left us! He was big in size and in character, big on sports, big hearted... A big loss for his family and the rest of us who learned to love him through his blog. Amazing how there were all these signs around his family today, the snow, the song, and my guess is that they'll keep on coming. Remi is a legend. The definition of a gentle giant. Recently, his family had an extremely tough decision to make...but they did, and by now they must know, that it was the only decision. We love them too much, so we must not be selfish. Lucky Remington never had to suffer any pain or fear! He is at peace now, so his family must figure out how to do the same. They did everything for him, as selflessly as imaginable, including his last travel on this earth. I have learned much from them and hope that when my turn comes, I will be as strong and loving as they are. I have always wondered about the definition of "a good parent" or, in this case, pawrent, and here is what I have come up with: it is he/she who loves their child/dog/pet unconditional and keeps questioning all decisions along the way, so that they can come up with the one that best suits that particular child/dog... always according to the circumstances. Remington had the best pawrents, that is for sure. 

In case you haven't stopped by yet, here is a link to the blog that documented Remington's life and adventures, its original name was Our Remington

So long, Golden Oaks Remington Steal [Our] Hearts... 


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